Halesworth & Southwold Community News April 2019 19 Spring in the Garden

AS winter becomes a distant memory and we move well and truly into Spring your garden is beginning to come to life, and for those fair weather gardeners amongst us now is the time to head outside and get involved. We, at the Community

News, would

encourage our readers to use reputable local suppliers such as those on this page. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice when shopping for new plants. No one knows what will thrive better than the knowledgeable staff at your local garden centre. A gorgeous garden makes the perfect place to entertain guests, enjoy some al fresco dining with family and friends or perhaps just relax with a cool drink on a lazy summer day. Please remember that your garden is also home to a great many other creatures. If you are so inclined, put out bird feeders to encourage winged visitors.

Now is the time they are nesting so it won’t be long before they have many hungry mouths to feed, you will be

doing them a great service by simply topping up your bird feeder and in return you get to watch many beautiful different species in your garden. I reckon to having around 10 different regular visitors to my little patch of wilderness. Look out for bee friendly plants and try to get a few scattered around your flower beds. It is well documented that bee numbers are in decline so any help we can offer is invaluable. Perhaps, like me, you enjoy cooking freshly picked fruit and veg. Well, the shear variety of what you can grow in your own garden is staggering. Again, ask the experts at you

local centre about what grows well in

local conditions but

you should find you are able to grow more runner beans, and courgettes than you can eat. In the greenhouse, tomatoes, cucumbers,

peppers, chilli’s

and salad are all easily grown and cared for.

This really is a wonderful time of year so get out there and make your mark.

David Burns Community News

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AT the With Signature landscaping and maintenance April in the Garden

Spring has arrived and with the lunar calendar spring begins at the spring solstice, this year 20th March and as I write this the weather is lovely and whilst warm is not yet sunny. Sunshine and (say it quietly) summer warmth is something we are all looking forward to and maybe dreading a repeat of last years “Heatwave”! I know whilst 2018 summer was wonderful for being on the beach or enjoying BBQ’s in the garden with friends and family, I am sure those of us who planted for a great show in July and August probably spent hours and a fair bit of money on watering. With a statement from Sir James Bevan – Head of the Environment Agency saying that the UK could reach a water crisis in around 25 years from now. This is partly due to lower reserves of water because of climate change and with this in mind I would like to remind every gardener to start storing water for the garden NOW. Spring can be a great time to fill the water butts with around

Southwold Wildlife

Group’s March meeting Chris Parfitt gave a fascinating illustrated presentation on ‘The Realm of the Polar Bear’ based around

a the visit to Svalbard

archipelago within the Arctic Circle. We were introduced to the dramatic physical features and

wildlife inhospitable islands

of these where

the sun does not set during the short summer but does not rise through the winter months. Breeding

colonies independent life at of

seabirds such as guillemot, Arctic

tern and kittiwake nest and prepare their young for


50mm(2inches) falling in April, May and June that should give us enough stored to beat a 2019 “heatwave” If you haven’t got a water butt, most of our garden centres and home stores will have them you can also buy them through Essex and Suffolk water, but there are always people giving them away for free on websites like or

There are

lots more including gumtree but you may have to pay a little. I read the average roof has 97000litres of rain fall on it in one year and most water butts are under 200litres, so an awful lot of rain down the drain that could be captured and reused on the garden. Whilst on the environment please compost your kitchen and garden waste as a good mulch on the garden also saves water through the year

and saves money by

not having to buy compost. Again compost bins (I call them Daleks) can be obtained through the same websites as water butts. You can also pass

before the harsh winter sets in. Glaucous gull and Arctic fox predate the weak or unlucky young. Wildflowers have to be capable of staying alive under the snow through the long winter and of reproducing without the help of bees, which are not present. Species such as saxifrages and mountain avens can be found.

The Svalbard polar bears number around 3,000 and have full legal protection – only a life-threatening situation being deemed justification to shoot them. The bears have three layers of fur, the innermost staying dry even when they

Fifteen-foot glow-caterpillar spotted on the Green

NOT only that, but a human- sized illuminated moth as well. This was Halesworth’s fourth annual WinterLight! festival run by the Library and the Millennium Green at the end of the half-term weekend. This year’s of

Festival told startling differences.

Molly’s inventive and colourful dancing at

Garden Landscape Supplies




Kings Landscaping Ltd Unit 23 Halesworth Business Park Norwich Road Halesworth IP19 8QJ

t: 01986 875 555 e: 113x80 ad kings land.indd 1 own sock-caterpillars

Participants watched Oxblood the Library and

then the story-telling began. Children, who had come with their

27/12/2011 10:50 Spring is here!

Get out in your garden and make the most of it.

We have everything you need for all your gardening requirements: compost, garden tools, wellington boots, gloves, bird feed & boxes and much more.

Come and explore this Aladdin’s cave in the heart of Halesworth.

made at the Library’s workshop, helped a small lantern-caterpillar magically become enormous – 15 foot long, lit from within and supported by 14 human legs. This hungry beast led the procession of around 100 adults and children through the Town Park and to a far corner of the Millennium Green where it was met with stirring drumming by Wooden Roots West African Drums and Percussion.


enormous caterpillar collapsed into its cocoon to emerge, finally, as a human-sized and fully illuminated moth.

. .

Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm 01986 873484

18b Thoroughfare, Halesworth IP19 8AP

The Festival has developed from a simple wassailing event in 2016 to provide the spectacle of the Ghost of Fred the Wherryman in 2017, the Alesworth Howl in 2018, and this year the spotted caterpillar becoming a rainbow-underwing moth. It’s all done by volunteers: Oxblood Molly bring their music and dance, Adele Goodchild and Nicky Rowbottom of the Green made the giant caterpillar and moth, Meraylah Allwood for the Library created and operated props with the help of local children, Wooden Roots is a leading supplier of African drum and other percussion instruments, and members of Bungay Camera Club created a beautiful and entertaining photographic record. Extracts from this will soon be on the web at ‘Halesworth Millennium Green’ which carries news of past and future events, photos, wildlife records, geology

or email

history and thegreen@

a metamorphosis, but

story with Work-parties are on the second Sunday of every month (Sunday 14th April, Sunday 12th May etc). Bring a drink and some nibbles for the break, everything else is provided. We meet at the industrial estate entrance in Lester’s Piece, near the railway bridge.

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Goosegreen Nurseries (Wholesale)

Goosegreen East, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 9RL. Tel. 07771 882613 / 01502 715728

Public Open Days

• Sat. 20th & Mon. 22nd April, 9am – 5pm (Easter bank Hol. Weekend, Closed Sunday)

• Sat. 4th & Mon. 6th May, 9am – 5pm (Bank hol. Weekend, Closed Sunday)

• Sat. 25th & Mon. 27th May, 9am – 5pm (Bank hol. Weekend, Closed Sunday)

Entrance free, donations in aid of

Friends of Clinks Care Farm near Beccles Regd. charity No. 1180847

. .

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on the things you have in your garden to others so they don’t end up in the wheely bin, like old pots and planters or even garden furniture! The jobs we can get on with

in April: Keep weeds under control; Protect fruit blossom from late frosts; Tie in climbing and rambling roses; Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seed

outdoors; Prune spring

flowering trees and shrubs after flowering; Increase the water

given and to houseplants;

Feed hungry shrubs and roses; Sow new lawns or repair bare patches; Order summer bedding

hanging basket

plants; Divide bamboos and water lilies.

What ever you do, enjoy your garden, but if you want any help with maintenance or to bring your plans to life please call us, we are always happy to help.

Signature Landscaping 07939855932

Garden maintenance, patios and decks built.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

swim. They mostly live on the pack ice in the summer and are very wary of the tusks of the local walruses. The Annual General Meeting

of the group will be held on Thursday 11th April at 7.30pm in Southwold Arts Centre (St Edmunds Hall), Admission free.

Southwold. There


be a short film ‘Through the Garden Gate’ by well known wildlife film maker Stephen de Vere. Refreshments will be available.

Les Tarver

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