Larkfield Fire Survivors Recognize One Year Tubbs

Fire Anniversary with Launch of Resilience Fund Sent to us by Brad Sherwood

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ On the one- year anniversary of the Tubbs Fire, fire survivors from the Lark- field area, located north of Santa Rosa in unincorporated Sonoma County, have joined together to announce the creation of the Larkfield Re- silience Fund (LRF). The LRF is a 501 c(3) non-profit formed with a seven-member board of direc- tors made up of fire survivors from Larkfield with a mission to generate funding to help

rebuild resilient neighborhoods. More than 500 homes in the Larkfield area were destroyed by the Tubbs Fire in October 2017. The LRF has launched a website ( to in- crease awareness about the dev- astation caused in Larkfield and generate funds to rebuild resilient neighborhoods.

Funding opportunities that cur-

rently exist include projects such as: Greening Larkfield: Greening Larkfield, an effort with the mission of planting up to 200 36-inch boxed trees in the front


of homes be- ing rebuilt. All the urban landscape in Larkfield was de- stroyed by the Tubbs Fire.

Citizens Or- ganized to Prepare for Emergencies (COPE) pro- gram:

The mission of COPE is to en- courage residents, families, and neighborhoods to become and re- main better prepared to respond to and recover from emergency situations. This includes devel- oping individual response plans, maintaining individual emer- gency supply kits, and neighbors getting to know and plan with other neighbors in their commu-

nity. Fire Cameras: The place- ment of a fire camera in the Lark- field area would help alert first responders to a fire. A network of fire cameras is being installed throughout Sonoma County by PG&E and other government entities. A fire camera specifi- cally placed in the Larkfield area would protect the most populated urban community in unincorpo- rated Sonoma County. Emergency Alert Siren: The Larkfield area does not cur- rently have an active emergency alert siren. A siren would help alert residents of an emergency, such as a fire, when cellular phones and other modes of com- munications may not be available or effective.

Donations to the LRF may be made on its website or by con- tacting a member of the board of directors.

The LRF is so

new that our federal ID is still pending but on its way! We can still receive donations as we move forward. Contact:


Sherwood, 707-570-7448, re- ~

A Sonoma County Tradition! “Turkey always and turkey all ways!”

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