Golf Coach 101

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Nothing is worse for a golfer than missing a two-foot putt. Equally


turbing is the fine art of the chili-dip when trying to execute a

chip shot.

Most amateur golfers don’t spend nearly enough time working on that

lar aspect of their

particu- game.

You can’t wing it because the shot is like a bully. It will always be there

waiting for you, waiting to kick your tail.


shot, a

So when considering options on the chip or pitch there

few things to keep in mind. You don’t have to be super cute, just effective in your tech- nique. Trying to flop a sand wedge

forty yards to


from tight

pin is not al-

ways the best course of action. Learning how to use a 7 or

by James Fish • Short Game Solutions Are The Answer

8-iron for this same shot can pay dividends. Remember that the lie of the golf ball should always dictate one’s strategy. A very tight lie is very chal- lenging and getting a wedge underneath a golf ball is no slam dunk above the rim. But by using a less lofted club with a 25% swing to gently clip that ball off of that tight lie is a much easier proposition. We all have made the mis-

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take of trying to hit the career shot only to fail miserably. By simply allowing oneself to be more creative in one’s shot or club selection , can make a huge difference. If there is am- ple real estate between a golfer and their target from 20 or 40 yards out, try giving yourself permission to not use one’s sand wedge or lob wedge. Try the shot that I just described with an 8-iron and see how much more likely you are to see your desired result. Golf is a game of percent-

ages and we always want to try to hit a higher percentage shot. They say that loft is one’s friend and it is true but some- times less loft can be a better ally. I recently played a round

Local songwriter and producer Cliff Goldmacher will work one-on-one with the selected songwriter to reshape the orig- inal song, record the track, and lead the remote recording ses- sion. Goldmacher is a multi-in-

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of golf at San Geronimo. I had a terrible lie for my third shot from about 45 yards out on the 5th hole a par-4. I took my 8-iron, set the ball a little back of center of my stance and took less than a half swing. I clipped the ball perfectly and watched as it rolled to within seven feet of the hole. A sand wedge for that shot most likely would have ended in disaster. Sometimes less is more. And sometimes more loft is less of a perfect strategy. So when ap- proaching various short game shots around the green, give yourself permission to be cre- ative and try something differ- ent. You might be pleasantly surprised at how good you can be with a less lofted club in your hand.

James Fish works as a golf teaching pro at the Foxtail Golf Club and can be reached via e-mail at: or


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Sonoma Songwriters Compete ...continued from page 16

Smith, Ke$ha and more. Nash- ville musicians for the session will be drawn from Goldmach- er’s extensive network of great players including band mem- bers for Bonnie Raitt, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swiſt, and the Grand Ole Opry. Te deadline for submission

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JOKES & Humor #7

After a particularly poor round, a golfer spotted a lake as he walked de- spondently up the 18th.

He looked at his caddie and said, “I’ve played so badly all day, I think I’m going to drown myself in that lake.”

The caddie, quick as a flash, replied, “I’m not sure you could keep your head down that long.” ~

A golfer sliced a ball into a field of chickens, striking one of the hens and killing it instantly. He was understandably upset, and sought out the farmer. “I’m sorry,” he said, “my terrible tee-shot hit one of your hens and killed it. Can I replace the hen?”

“I don’t know about that,” replied the farmer, mulling it over. “How many eggs a day do you lay?”

To find a man’s true character, play golf with him. ~ P. G. Wodehouse

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