The Quiet Garden

by Kimberly Childers •

t’s January and the still gar- den is quiet, comfortably folded in on itself. Plump bulbs and tubers are under the Earth, buds starting to swell, sweet imaginings, gardens that are wait- ing for the ‘root chil- dren’ to wake up. It’s divine! Earthworms wriggle. Slow, hungry, slimy


in the dark, disappear in the day. It’s a dif- ferent blue winter sky, different angle of the Earth toward the sun.

snails, devour

to yes, have a cup of sooth- ing, organic, stimulating tea and begin sorting things out for 2018. BREATHE DEEPER and WALK WITH NAKED FEET on bare ground more often. Connect with the earth’s core, elec- tromagnetic fi eld lines. We are of the Earth. One of the fi rst proj- ects to do this month is to take inventory of tools, seed fl ats, soil amendments, twine and other supplies such as dibbers for bulb planting. Sharpen blades and secateurs, storing them on tool racks and stand them up in buckets of sand swirled with mineral oil to keep them at their best. Stock up on aged chicken manure, horticultural grit, bone meal, potash, fi sh emulsion and seaweed prod-


sist or hire a licensed profes- sional who specializes in prun- ing.

Phone . . .Gasp! After pruning And there is the Smart

ucts. It’s time to prune your orchard, roses and more! Ob- tain a new or used book all about pruning with detailed examples or ask a friend to as-

gardens. Horticultural mineral oil should be used to suppress the fungus among us, right?! It’s important to wear eye pro- tection, such as goggles, when applying any sprays. Safety is imperative. Bulbs are in stock

discover new plants, fl owers, herbs and fall in love with something won- derful. You’ll be hooked for life and please teach your kids about gardening too. You de- cide. . .

everywhere so get ad- venturous and plant 50, or 100, 1000 or simple pots fi lled with a few of your favorites.

you’ll want to spray an organic dormant oil product on the leafl ess trees and shrubs. Most nurseries carry copper sprays for the organic garden to help with peach leaf curl, black spot and the myriad of other hungry pests and diseases we attempt to repel in our beloved

mony Farms, a plethora of ‘garden everything’ and look through their out- standing collections of tools and around town as well; there are tools for every garden and every dis- cerning taste. When selecting shovels and spades an important consideration is their solid construction, especially since these tools will be your workhorses. Your best bet is the solid strap design.

Check out Har-

simply means that the socket and the head (or blade) of the shovel, fork, or spade are cre- ated from one piece of solid

This ...continued on page 23 May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live. ~ Robert A. Heinlein UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • January 2019 • 17 This year

Upbeat Times in Santa Rosa, CA!

DIRTY CELLO ...continued from page 12 After reading the Upbeat Times, my cat sleeps so much better

at night knowing things will always get better. ~ Kim Childers

Dirty Cello performs on Friday, January 11 at Redwood Cafe in Cotati for their CD Release Party. “When you come to our show, it is not just one type of music, it will be blues, it will be rock, it will be bluegrass, it will be Eastern-European music,” Roudman explains. “We’ve cut all kinds of CDs’ but, our new-

est CD is strictly Bluegrass,” says Roudman of their latest release entitled, Bluesy Grass. She is particularly fond of the

track called, “I’m Going Home. T at’s an original that we wrote, it’s more on the Amer- icana genre.” Watch music vid- eos and learn more about the band at


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