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Sonoma County, CA. ~ The Sonoma-Marin Water Saving Partnership (Partnership), a group of North Bay water util- ities, has once again been rec- ognized with national awards for its water-saving efforts. The U.S. Environmental Pro- tection Agency (EPA) awarded the Partnership its second consecutive Sustained Excel- lence Award for continuing to improve its irrigation-pro- fessional training program by upgrading its curriculum and training

materials. The Part-

nership also received a 2018 Excellence Award for its out- reach efforts that included pro- moting the use of water-saving showerheads and faucet aera- tors for homes and businesses. The Partnership was awarded


two of the 21 WaterSense awards that were handed out today at the WaterSmart In- novations Conference in Las Vegas for helping Americans to save water, energy, and money. This is the fi fth year in a row that the Partnership has received awards for its water effi ciency efforts.

The Partnership is a three-

time WaterSense Partner of the Year award winner and this year earned a second Sustained Excellence Award. SMSWP is the parent organization for the WaterSense labeled Qualifi ed Water Effi cient Landscaper (QWEL) professional


fi cation program, which has helped certify more than 2,000 individuals to date through 16 organizations

that offer the

QWEL program. “This award and the continued acknowl- edgement of the QWEL pro- gram is gratifying and speaks to the value of the Sonoma-Marin Water Saving Partnership and our partners’ willingness to collaborate with all sectors of the community,” said Windsor Town Councilmember Mark Millan, chair of the Partner- ship’s Water Advisory Com- mittee. “The QWEL program continues to grow and thrive and we are very proud of the work we have accomplished in achieving greater water-use effi ciency in both theory and practice.” The Partnership received

its fourth Excellence Award this year for promoting Wa- terSense labelled faucets and

aerators during 115 commer- cial water-use audits that were performed. In addition


Partnership offered free Wa- ter Smart Home Evaluations to more than 3,000 homes in 2017, and provided free Wa- terSense labelled showerheads and aerators. Since 2006, the Sonoma-Ma-

rin Water Saving Partnership and more than 1,900 other WaterSense partners have helped consumers save more than 2.7 trillion gallons of wa- ter, or more than the amount used by all U.S. households for nearly 100 days. In addi- tion to water savings, Water- Sense labeled products


homes have helped reduce the amount of energy needed to heat, pump, and treat water by

367 billion kilowatt hours— which is enough to power more than 34.1 million homes for a year—and save $63.8 billion in water and energy bills. “Through innovation and commitment, our partners are helping to transform the mar- ketplace for water-effi cient, high-performing products and homes,” said Veronica Blette, WaterSense program manager. “The WaterSense Sustained Excellence, Partner of the Year, and Excellence Award winners are leading the charge to save water, energy, and money for future generations.” The Partnership will continue

to offer educational resources, programs and incentives to

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