Musical Notes in Sonoma County

by Shekeyna Black • Feature: DIRTY CELLO CD RELEASE PARTY

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Ques- tion: What does an eclectic bluegrass fusion band and a renowned orchestra have in common? Answer: Rebecca Roudman plays cello for both. Roudman, satile

the bandleader

ver- of

Dirty Cello, has been performing with the prestigious Santa Rosa Symphony since 2001. A music teacher by day and a fulltime mu- sician by night, Roud- man lives and breathes music. She first began playing cello at age 7 having

been classi-

cally trained from her childhood through college years. She also plays violin and piano. Roudman grew up in San Rafael, Ca. Te formation of Dirty Cello

nearly 7 years ago, Roudman recalls thinking, “It’d be fun

to work out. So, the guitar- ist, who is my husband, Jason Eckl, we just started playing in little cafés and places like that.” She continues,

“I remember

playing at Aqus Café a lot in Petaluma; which is a warm,

to not just be a side player, it’d be fun to really be upfront and lead this band. But, we didn’t really know if it was going

supportive place to play.” Of- fers started coming in to play at bigger venues, so, “we added a bass player and a drummer,” says Roudman. Roudman wanted to

share a positive story with the Upbeat Times readers, “we had a crazy experience where our instruments were sto- len, social media sprang to action, and they were recovered in about 12 hours.” While Roudman and Eckl were attending a concert in November in the Bay Area, their car was broken into and both her cello and his guitar were stolen.

A quick response from a con- cerned citizen who contacted them via the Facebook group page called, Find my Gear Cal- ifornia, said he had arranged to meet with the thieves under the guise of wanting to purchase the two instruments. Roud- man and Eckl headed back to the Bay Area to meet with the do- gooder as the ne’er- do-wel ls had the gui t a r and cello c a s e s with the i ns t r u - ments in tacked taken from them and returned to their rightful owners. Check out Dirty Cello’s Facebook page for the full intriguing story with a happy-ending.

...continued on page 14 12 • January 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. January 14, 2019

Tiers of Heaven - Santa Rosa Symphony

Sonoma County, CA ~ Mo-

zart’s darkest and most turbu- lent orchestral masterpiece,

Symphony No. 40 in G minor and Mahler’s luminous Sym-

phony No. 4 (with talented so- prano Marie Plette). 7:30 PM. Tickets $24-$87. Free ticket

for Youth (12 and under) per paid adult ticket. Call (866) 955-6040 to redeem. Green Music Center

January 9, 2019

Meeting of the Sonoma County Astronomical Society

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Short Board Meeting--Proposed merger of SCAS public outreach; school programs, Striking Sparks and Young Astronomers programs with

the Valley of the Moon Obser- vatory Association. Speaker is Larry McCune ~ History of Robert Ferguson Observatory ~ Meeting Time and Location: Wednesday, 7:30pm to 9pm. Santa Rosa Central Public Library. 211 “E” Street (3rd and E Streets) Santa Rosa, CA 95404 ~ Parking is available at the lot across 3rd Street from the library at no charge after 6pm. The Sonoma County Astronomical Society no longer meets at the Proctor Terrace Elementary School. The meetings will be posted on the web site and by email to members.

Sonoma Valley Certified Farmers’ Market

Produce from California Farmers Fridays year-round from 9 AM to 12:30 PM in the Arnold Field Parking Lot, 241 First Street West, across the street from the Depot Hotel.

January 26, 2019

Chowder Day Annual

Bodega Bay, CA. ~ Enjoy a fun day in the Bodega Bay area sampling chowder at nu- merous restaurants! You get to vote for the Best Chowder on the Sonoma Coast. Chowder Day is a driving event around the towns, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful area. It is not a walking event.

ALL tickets must be purchased in advance online. This event will sell out! Saturday, Janu- ary 26, 2019 - 10:00am. Cost: $12, Location: Harbor View Village, Harbor View Way (Follow signs for ticket booth) Bodega Bay, California 94923 For More Information: Contact: Bodega Bay Chamber ~ Local: 707-347-9645 ~ Email:

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” ~ George Eliot

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