In A Word

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Q: Marcia, do you really believe in magic or

miracles? potions, What

by that: elixers,


them?! --FC in SR A: Well, depends on what is meant

charms or wands? I can get behind that in joyful or playful ways that help stir belief in or anticipation of natural magic. Great results can happen with pos- itive,


sionate or happy intent. And I admit to having had a share of miraculous experiences, large and small. I tend to believe that what we call the magical or miraculous,

results to physical from

laws of How Things Work in the world. These laws can be invisible


like gravity, but operating all the same. ‘Bad luck’ is an in- side out miracle. It comes from the same ‘laws’ as the kind of seemingly inexplicable events we so like. The different out- comes arise from how open


by Marcia Singer of Santa Rosa, CA. ~ ~

and full our hearts are in the moment the magic happens for us.

Take my day today. In the midst of a very ordinary gig, I had a very mag- ical


Mini miracle perhaps? Ar- riving at a high end memory care community, I was unable to fi nd any place to park. It happens often there… I

to park

nearly a half mile away, lug- ging my guitar, which is hard on my body, and tiring. So I walked in a bit disgruntled, and prepare to play guitar and sing. I can’t get the sound sys- tem off on the big TV screen: annoying, and there’s just one resident in the activity room, while the others are in the din- ing room. OK, I settle into focusing on my job, and improving my mood. Staff appears and soon another half dozen residents are seated before me as well.

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By the second song, my whole demeanor has shifted! I’m en- joying myself! One of the elder folks is dancing in her chair, hamming it up, having a glo- rious time. Her uncomplicated spark is sparking me. We all do some ‘clap dancing’ together, and laugh at a silly joke. Two attending staffers have joined us now, and one who had been tired and gloomy was now singing along and smiling too. Is this not magical?? A small miracle??

A whole drawer

full of songs about magic and dreams pour out of me, one after another.

When we get

to Jiminy Cricket’s famous words to Pinocchio, a favorite magical song, I‘m living the truth of the lyrics: “When you wish upon a star…” Yes, when you claim a dream… “Makes no difference who you are.” OK, there’s some laws at work here, same for everybody, any- body.

“Anything your heart

desires can come to you.” Got it: your heart has to be in it, it has to come from the heart. “When your heart is in your dream, no request is too ex- treme.” The love in our hearts gives energy to drive our

our local agriculturists and

economy. “We are proud to be a long-standing partner with Tomorrow’s Leaders Today,” said Sonoma County Farm Bu- reau executive director Tawny Tesconi. “During Agriculture Day students learn from our farmers about crops, livestock and land sustainability.” This year students started

the day meeting leaders from the Santa Rosa Original Certi- fi ed Farmers Market, Hector’s Honey and Costeaux French

Living the Upbeat Life...

dreams, to make them come true. “When you wish upon a star like Dreamers do.” I see: IF you are a believer. This is key to birthing a miracle: Re- ceptivity! A huge desire em- anates from your open heart, mind, gains momen- tum –and you don’t mess it up with too much doubting. Here’s the

scoop: “Love is kind, and brings to those who love, the sweet ful- fi llment of their se- cret


ings…” Hm- mmnn. The idea is that love, the basic feeling that

lives and in kindles in our hearts –wants to be fulfi lled, and can be through our dream- ing, a right use of creative imagination.

Love is meant

to be realized, in some form or another. “Like a bolt out of the

Bakery. Then, they loaded a bus and toured McClelland’s Dairy, Bodega Bay Oyster Company and DMS Ranch where students learned about sustainable farming practices, multi-generational


operations and crop rotations. At the end of the day Ameri- can AgCredit facilitated an in- teractive group-activity where teams presented a mock busi- ness plan to a panel of loan offi cers and competed for a $1 million loan for the agriculture


blue” –Surprise! “Fate steps in and helps you through.” I’m reminded here of

words attributed to John Wolf- gang von Goethe, about mak- ing your mind up to follow a dream, and the boldness and intention having magic and power in it –to attract all manner of things. “The mo- ment one defi- nitely commits oneself, then Prov- idence moves too. All sorts of things

oc- ing manner of unforeseen

cur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, rais- in one’s favour all inci-

dents and meetings and ma- terial assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have ...continued on page 29

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today ...continued from page 26

business or service. One TLT student learned,

“that there is more to the ag- riculture

industry than just

farming and cattle; there are many different careers in- volved”. After spending the day together another said, “I learned that Agriculture is ex- tremely important, especially in Sonoma County”.

“Investing in the next gener- ation of leaders and showing these students, that to be in ...continued on page 29

“Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life.” ~ The Corn Corps

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