The Verbal Commute ~ 1st by Paul Andrew Doyle, Founder & Publisher

TM ~Positive Impacts~

none of us. Time is not only a reality, it is a state of mind. Clearly without a clock, life would be a bit chaotic. In early December I visited


Cape Arago State Park, Ore- gon, and experienced some of the largest waves I’ve ever seen(lsee cover)! It was phe- nominal. You could feel


vibrations from 25 to 35 foot swells that threw ocean water spray over 130 ſt into the air at times. People from all over the coast arrived to experience na- ture at its best! I can’t wait to go again! In 2019, I have some goals

that are just about reality, that I’ve been working on for some time now. My Wine Country Marinades, Spices and Dryrubs project

is almost ready to

launch aſter five years! Te last three years I tried to get them on the market but wasn’t prop- erly prepared, and ran out of extra energy. Stay tuned! Te debut of my art collectionwill be coming and the availablity of prints of all kinds, in addi- tion to my music ventures...I can say I have a full slate! I’ve never stopped dreaming

big. But more important than the big dreams is family and friends. Some good friends, and there are a few, are still try-

lthough it is hard to believe it is already 2019, time stops for

ing to come back from the fires in the last two years and are trying to rebuild their dreams. Although it has been extremely stressful for them, they are op- timistic and strong and their life dreams are still thriving. Our paper has been through

some changes and that has been testing for us because I person- ally want to give you all a high quality product. Te paper has not been as good as I want it to be(muddy ads and regis- tration issues) Tese problems are out of my control because I personally do not print my pa- per. I have someone print it for me. We are dilligently working to improve the final product by communicating with the printer. Tere is light at the end of the tunnel...and soon! My goal is to always have a

positive impact on our com- munity. Te most positive im- pact of all is to focus on what is working well in our towns and cities. It is true, there are many challenges, but at Upbeat Times we won’t publish articles that simply complain, or focus on the downside of any situa- tion. We do publish solutions to the publics concerns. We are a publication of leaders in the community who try set a good example of the real humanity abundant everywhere. Each month we get those messages out to as many people we can.

We are not the largest paper in Sonoma County, but we are the most positive. We strive for quality, not quantity. And peo- ple need that. We play the pub- lishing game not to win but to entertain, bring good thoughts and inspire those who are not having the best of times, con- sistantly, once per month. When I write this column, my

goal is to let the readers know that this guy behind the scenes, me, is not just a publisher, but a person who succeeds at help- ing people to laugh and enjoy life more. When Im talking to the public, which I do most ev- ery day, I have a blast! I meet people from all walks of life who have so much to share and that inspires me. I publish events for people

who have no money to pro- mote themselves. I have one goal in mind;

to see that I

might make their day/event a bit more successful. I am select about who goes in the paper as you have already noticed. If you or someone has a free event, and it’s for a great cause, or you just need help with publicity...I’m there for you! If you want to advertise in this paper, I’m not going to pester you with phone calls and sales pitches, I will just invite you to give us a try. Whe you’re ready, we’re ready! At Upbeat Times, we choose

not to compete with any other media. Tere’s plenty of ad- vertising vehicles for all of us. Tere is also no other paper like mine at all in the United States of America, if not, the world. I get asked what I think about the other papers similar to mine in Sonoma County and I tell them that it is not any ...continued on page 6

Juicy Burgers. Awesome Fries & a Wicked Slush!

Facts & Trivia ~

Nearly 40 species of dolphins swim the waters of the world. Most live in shallow areas of tropical and temperate oceans, and five species live in rivers.

Dolphins are carnivores. Fish, squid and crusta- ceans are included in their list of prey. A 260-pound dolphin eats about 33 pounds of fish a day.

Known for their playful behavior, dolphins are highly intelligent. They are as smart as apes, and the evolution of their larger brains is surprisingly similar to humans.

Ants are one of the longest living insects. Some can live up to 30 years!

Charbroiled Fresh... Never

You don’t have to go all the way to Healdsburg to get the

Wicked Slush anymore!

It’s Minestrone Weather! Try our homemade original Fiori’s recipe! It Doesn’t get

any better! Buns & Burgers Fiori’s

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