Top Wine and Spirits Books of 2018

Passions – The Wines and The Travels of Thomas Jefferson ~ James M. Gabler

As I began to read the Preface of

“Passions…” it occurred

to me that if reincarnation is a possibility, what better way to write one’s autobiography than to come back as an au- thor and just get it done.

“Te further, staggering ad- ventures of a professional wine buyer,” our author tells back- stage tales of what it’s like in- side the wine industry, as his character Felix Hart continues his antics. His first book is Corkscrew, for which I laughed myself silly reading it.

Tere’s now an audio version of the Corkscrew book, is you like to listen to books while driving. Link: templates/story/story.php?sto- ryId=127370598

I expect the same from Brut Force, as I’ve just begun this next journey. I’ve been receiv- ing many sample book copies at the very end of this year, so reading has been shy of vora- cious. I want to savor this one. Based on Peter’s first novel, this one is going to take me chuckling into the end of the years; aſter Christmas, really. Tis is when I’ll no longer have to busy myself with all of the holiday duties and festivities. Corkscrew was the funniest book I’ve ever read; and, as a wine novel, it made it even fun- nier. Join me in the merriment during the last week of the year. Quoting other reactions:

“Wine lovers and teetotallers alike will weep with laughter.” Buckinghamshire Bookworm Monthly. ~ “Felix is back! Hold on to your Pinot and buckle up.” American Goblet Magazine

I fully intend to double back, when I’ve finished my copy. We can compare notes at that time!

DRINK PINK: A Guide to the World’s Best Rosés ~ Larry & Ann Walker

Tey now have got “writing duo” on their list of accom- plishments. Larry and Ann are obliging the rapidly expand- ing US set of rosé devotees, with their timely new buyers’ guide. And the authors bear a message for these new Amer- ican enthusiasts. Pink wine tastes just as good in Decem- ber as it does in July. As the US Rosé market heats up, authors Larry and Ann Walker offer a “how-to” manual for the com- ing revolution. For one, pink wine is arguably the most food friendly wine.

Here’s what made me think

this… See what you think. As James has explained, Tomas Jefferson was America’s first oenophile. James M. Gabler: “Tis is a

Weird Facts & Trivia - 4 ...continued from page 18

biography of Tomas Jeffer- son at leisure, enjoying two of his passions-wine and travel. I have tried to capture Jeffer- son in the act of living and to let him and his contempo- raries speak for themselves. Te Journeys you are about to take with Jefferson are, for the most part, based on original sources: his letters, memoran- dum books, receipts, and the correspondence and diaries of his contemporaries.

In addition I have personally followed his footsteps through- out Europe and the United States. Tese experiences have allowed me to contemporize what he saw and drank.”

Due to a natural chemical balance, grapes ferment without the addition of sug- ars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients.

In Vietnam, if you are in the know and ask your waiter for a glass of cobra wine. They will serve you rice- wine covered with snake blood that is killed on the spot.

The dark green wine bottle was an English invention, the work of Sir Kenelm Digby (1603-1665). Previ- ously wine had been kept in goat skin bags.

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