s we enter the heart of Capricorn our cardi- nal earth sign. Not only do we climb to the top of the mountain with our nimble goat feet,

A but

we dive to the depths of our sub- conscious oc e a ns with pro- pelling tail fi ns. The magical - ity of the

sea goat is both celebration and quiet refl ection. Always a good reminder that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the wise old grouch; all about limita- tions, follow through and hu- mor. Good company for the holidays and I am not being facetious (Man that is a tough word)

So, with that said, let’s not

only celebrate our accomplish- ments of the last year, plan our new great leaps, bounds and splashes but breath in- dive deeper and farther - go to that core of who we all are. Re- member our truth – turn around

StaR ChartinG by: Zak Zaikine of Sebastopol, CA. ~

and Surface, scamper up the ledge with our authentic being in tow- share that odd but truth full remark with uncle Jer- ry-turn around with his equally odd and truth full response and dive again. Reminder * it took Scrooge a couple goes at it. Yes, a time of real forgiving,

which is a personal affair- the forgiving of ourselves for our- selves eh? Every action we al- lowed against us by others at some point has made us stron- ger. On a meta physical level it broadened our personal karmic path. But you do not have to carry this past life experience around for the eternity of now. Since I practice freewill astrol- ogy, one can, at a moment’s notice, decide to unburden the weight you may have been car- rying around. Not only in this life but for many others. This unburdening will free you and you can proceed to your true genuine, real being- self.

No amount of reading this

column or other writings will get you to this core-self but it may strike a chord that will carry you to that place how- ever dark, dirty or unpleasant.

And I promise you, like some- one promised me, it is worth this life- journey there. The Universe has your back.

This place, Earth, is a blessed place regardless of what you see, hear or feel. A majority of what we hear in a never-end- ing

bombardment from

Food of

...continued from page 30 Love the

media anyway. So, carry these thoughts to the third week of this sacred month. Enter Aquarius barer of light and the uniting of humanity. This fi xed air sign pours the healing waters upon us all. Offering our parched souls, a bit more reverence and says to humanity We are all equal, all learning to coexist. Let the sunshine in, come together create the world that is heaven is on earth and we must make it so.

Happy birthday dearest goat fi sh - “go fi sh” and Aquarius fi ll your tank with high-Test you deserve a rest

sically exuberant recording by Ruth’s Refrigerator claims in jazzy music that “Gro Harlem Brundtland wants Some Fish.” T e snappy, rhythmic tune can be heard on Amazon (of course), but I’ll need my grand- sons to help me understand the lyrics. (Texting, of course.) If “music be the food of love, play on…” Oh yes, please. Happy Birthday to both Jan-

uary born grandsons! Have a safe, healthy, happy new 2019 to one and all: to cheerful Kim at Lucky’s; the always kind pharmacy folks at CVS; the friendly people who join in the Salvation Army Senior Center activities; to family near and far; and friends world-wide.

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a

destination.” Roy M. Goodman

4 Tips for

Healthy Weight Loss in 2019

...continued from page 29

Learning to cook healthy food is the best way to guarantee long-term weight loss and en- sure good health and longev- ity for you and your family. It will also set a good example for your kids. I watched my family cook healthy, Medi- terranean meals when I was young and when I had a family of my own, they watched me cook too. They grew up and now cook like that for them- selves and for their families. But if your kids are watching you pick up take out for dinner, they will probably do the same thing in the future. That’s why I created the tagline: “Health,

excellent or ill, is

passed to our children not just through our genes but primar- ily through our recipes.”

For a start, you can try the recipes in my eBook, Health Begins in the Kitchen.


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