Page 6 A Thanksgiving to Remember by Gabriel A. Fraire of Healdsburg, CA ~

ily gatherings with everyone feeling thankful. We often went to visit relatives at the hol- idays and since all our family is back East that required travel.

T One year

we decided to stay home. We knew another family also with no family in the area and they suggested we have Thanksgiving together. We said fine.

The other family home- schooled and the mother tended to make every expe-

hanksgiving is al- ways a good time, great food and fam-

rience an education lesson. She decided we should have a Thanksgiving meal similar to what the original Pilgrims might have had. We thought that might be fun. Of course, we didn’t realize to what extent this lady intended


go. She set some challenging ground rules. She wanted to produce a meal the

way the Pilgrims might have. This meant a

with no modern conveniences like a stove, or a refrigerator. We were up for the challenge. The vegetables were not much of a problem but trying to cook

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publication. Ours have two levels and are kind of a bit wobbly. We permanently etched our name on the back metal plate where the sign sticker of Upbeat Times goes, so there would never be

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Upbeat’s Racks Taken! 6 • November 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. Thanksgiving

a turkey on an open fire was a bit more of a challenge. The other family had this outdoor cooking stove and we stoked that fire most of the day. It all went okay except her son kept whining and complaining at just about everything. Then he finally said it was time for “the game” and he got up to go in the house to watch TV. His mother was not having it. “No TV. The Pilgrims didn’t have TV.”

The boy must not have been used to hearing he wasn’t al- lowed to do something because he threw a fit. It was like out of a movie. He started yelling and wobbling and I thought his head might spin around. Finally he screamed, “Well,

Pilgrims didn’t have toilets

either.” And he started to un- buckle his pants. Fortunately, he got stuck with the buckle and before he could take off his pants his mother swooped in, picked him up and carried him into the house. It was decided that our fam- ily should go home. We didn’t get any turkey that year. But it was definitely a Thanksgiving to remember.

Gabriel A. Fraire has been a writer more than 45 years. He has written fiction and non-fiction books, plays, po- ems, music lyrics, and news articles. But, he writes about his children exclusively for the Upbeat Times.

Facts & Trivia # 2

The average depth of the ocean is more than 2.5 miles.

The oceans provide 99 percent of the Earth’s living space- the largest space in our universe known to be inhabited by living organisms.

More than 90% of this habitat exists in the deep sea known as the abyss.

Less than 10% of this living space has been explored by humans.

Mount Everest (the highest point on the Earth’s surface 5.49 miles) is more than 1 mile shorter than the Challenger Deep

(the deepest point in the ocean at 6.86 miles)

Even though the tallest moun- tain on Earth is Mount Everest, the feature that’s furthest from the center of the Earth is actually Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador.

mountain, but all the

happiness and growth

occurs while you’re

climbing it.” Andy Rooney “The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.” ~ Napoleon Hill

wants to live on top of the


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