Page 31 HOROSCOPES ever. Can this possibly H

i fellow cosmic-ol- ogists! First off, I am feeling great. Now, better than be

and how long can this feeling continue. Ooops I am now d o w n with the wo r ms . How long will

I dig

a r o u n d with all of my com-

post eating brethren. Now I come across a cookie. Am I down a rabbit hole and Alice should be around here some- place… Dearest Scorpio, this could

be your life story and then some. It is for most of us. But you bring all of the intensity, in high resolution and you always have an extra jpeg in your p o c k et. But it is c h o ice time. Tis may be the momen t to choose the best of any three c h o ices and syn- thesize the value of each one. Scorpio you do this so well. Channel your intensity and spread your cookie mon- ster self to the center. Tis may mean taking some pieces of all of the cookies and feeding the different parts of yourself, magically siſting up a hybrid …

StaR ChartinG by: Zak Zaikine of Sebastopol, CA. ~

Whoops that’s another phone call. It would have been nice having a Zak when I was grow- ing up! Tis is Zak channeling his Uncle Remis on-cookies- self, wearing his best Buster Browns and that’s my dog Tide … As per the usual, we are in the most intense part of Scor- pio and will be, in some parts of the country experiencing a Brer Rabbit snow


Tis will be the first year that Brier Fox and Brer Bear sit down with all of the other Brers in Brersville for a tofurky dinner with all of the fixins and grace. Zippity do da Zippity aye my oh my what a wonder- ful day. I ate another cookie. And that is


why it’s won- derful to be uninhibited and really let it all fly out there


once and a while. Only then


you see what you’ve got as it all spirals back to you. Tis


of cookie dust thought stream is my response to this partic- ular Scorpio time of year. We are just starting to notice a lot more darkness, a lot more in- tensity and a lot more DESIRE. As we head towards the dark- est part of the year, it’s kind of

like a pressure chamber. Te zodiac offers a couple different options thankfully. Just when you think you’ve


had as much testing and deep diving as you can stand you hear the clatter of hooves down the hall As Sagittarius makes its Grande and goofy entrance on the 22. Te cork pops out of the water shoot- ing 15 feet


naturally joyous by nature; big and expansive. A moody tirade at the....

the air. Sagittar- ius always over does it. Sagittarius


are all of our” Aunt Betty”, who showers us with big lipped kisses


shrewdly points out that we are looking a little

run-over-ed and should take time out for some fun. In fact you should go to the moun- tains with her next weekend for first snow. She’ll pay. Never skied ? Never mind. You’ll just fall down a lot and figure it out. Or maybe you can just walk around and look at the beauty together. Sagittarius naturally joyous

by nature; big and expansive. A moody tirade at the televi- sion is a form of joy much to the chagrin of the rest of us. Tis energy allows us all to ap- proach the multidimensional- ity of things in our own unique fashion . no rules just cosmic law. So happy birthday high fly-

ing chameleons and straight shooting bubble buggies! See you next month!

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