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Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Teatre Arts Department presents


the Musical,” a play based on the Oscar-winning film that blends romantic adventure and irreverent silliness, written for audiences aged 6 and above. Tis musical will run on select dates Nov. 16-Dec. 2 at Maria Carrillo High School’s theatre at 6975 Montecito Boulevard, Santa Rosa 95409. Te show features the un-

likely green hero, his “noble steed,” Donkey, and a ragtag mashup of fairytale characters as they rescue the feisty Prin- cess Fiona from the evil (and vertically-challenged) Lord Farquaad.

It features memo-

rable songs like “Morning Per- son,” “Freak Flag,” and “I’m a Believer.” Tis zany hit proves there’s more to the story than meets the ears. Danny Banales plays Shrek.

Aſter growing up in Bakers- field, Banalas was eventually adopted by a family in Sonoma and attended Sonoma Valley High School. Of his role, he

says, “Like Shrek, I have layers. Lots and lots of layers! I was overwhelmed by the beauty and message of the show: a tall tale of a man who goes from zero to hero.” Isiah Carter, a Piner High

graduate, plays Donkey. He says that “Donkey reminds me of my younger self; I see myself in him. He’s funny, loyal, en- thusiastic, charming and has so much love for everyone.” Samantha Bohlke-Slater, who

plays Princess Fiona, is a grad- uate of Santa Rosa High School Art Quest program. She says, “I love that this play is all about identity and accepting and lov- ing who you are. As a young woman, I am finding my own place in the world and it is wonderful to learn how to love yourself, as many of the char- acters in this play do.” Noah Sternhill plays the ver-

tically-challenged Lord Far- quaad. He says, “As a short person myself, I resonated strongly with Lord Farquaad. Te show celebrates being a

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. ~ Matt Cameron

202 West 7th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 707-545-7528

‘freak’ and I’ve always identi- fied less toward normal, pre- dictable and boring and more toward weird, whimsical and fun.” Tickets will be available for purchase online at https:// buy-tickets-online-0 and at the SRJC’s Teatre Box Office at (707) 527-4307.

More Information? Leslie Mc- Cauley at(707) 527-4248

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