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UPBEAT HOLIDAY EVENTS, FOOD, CELEBRATIONS & GIFT IDEAS Jimmy Kimmel Show & Matisyahu’s Music Career!

Sonoma County, CA. ~ “Mu- sic is everything to me,” ex- claims Matisyahu. He recalls, “I started my music career in 2004,” during a shiſt in the in- dustry when production of ex- pensive music videos was wan- ing. He says, “One of the big pieces that helped me explode onto the scene was [perform- ing on] the Jimmy Kimmel show and a video that went viral,” of that performance. He notes that during that time- frame, the concept of anything going viral on the internet was new. Matisyahu advises young people interested in a career in the music industry, “Develop your skills and do as much of it as you can, yourself.”

Specializing in Beat Box

and mixing reggae and hip- hop rhythms along with con- science lyrics give Matisyahu his unique sound. Fans can see Matisyahu in back-to-back shows at Te Reel Fish Shop & Grill in Sonoma on November 16 & 17. “It’s not really a lot of smoke and mirrors. It’s just me and a guitar player, Aaron Dugan. We started making Matisyahu music together in college in 2002 or ’03 when we met. We have been playing these duo shows for years and years and they kinda keep de- veloping. And we play all the material and improvise quite a bit and I beat box because when we do the band shows,

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Musical Notes in Sonoma County JOKES & Humor #4 by Shekeyna Black •

there’s not so much room for that.” Regarding the current tour, “it’s more like a musical experience,” Matisyahu


plains, rather than for danc- ing, they will be seated shows. For more info about the shows, visit: www. thereelfish- Matisyahu

shares, “I am work- ing on new music right now, I’m working on recording and writing new songs.” He reflects, “Te biggest influences on me musi- cally were Bob Marley, and an artist named Sizzla Kalonji and Phish.” He adds, “I work with different people in writing and producing and making music.” He speaks about collaboration, “for me it is [important] be- cause I have certain expertise

in certain areas and then in others areas, I’m completely incapable. I like to work with people who can do the things that I can’t.” Speaking about life on the

road as a touring artist, he says, “Tere’s a lot of ven- ues across America w h e r e they ally

Tey ally


Feeling edgy, a man took a hot bath. Just as he’d become comfortable, the front doorbell rang. The man got out of the tub, put on terry cloth slippers and a large towel, wrapped his head in a smaller towel, and went to the door. A salesman at the door wanted to know if he needed any magazines. Slamming the door, the man returned to the bath. The doorbell rang again. On went the slippers and towels, and the man started for the door again. He took one step, slipped on a wet spot, fell, and hit his back against the hard porcelain of the tub.


care. re-

care the

audience ge t t i n g

the best show that they can get and about the band that’s trav- eling through. Tere’s just particular venues

all over the country that really take care of you.” Certainly, Matisyahu will feel that way about Te Reel. Get inspired by visiting: matisyahuworld. com/music.

Cursing under his breath, the man struggled into his street clothes and, with every move a stab of pain, drove to the doctor. After examining him, the doctor said, “You know, you’ve been lucky. Nothing is broken. But you need to relax. Why don’t you go home and take a long hot bath?”

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish

therefore, the means of

knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak,

and write .” John Adams

“All men by nature desire knowledge.” ~ Aristotle

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