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Sonoma County, CA. ~ Whenever life gets heavy or ugly, it’s time to hit the trail. Anytime you can get out of town to see a

different landscape or peo- ple, you should go. I recently was able to


back east to the Bos- ton area to

spend much needed time with family and friends. We all have roots with unique stories that

can take us to places that re- mind us who we are and where we come from. Love comes in many


and it is al- ways won- derful to feel the


energies of the love that comes from your brothers and sisters. While I was back

in the

Boston area I had the great fortune


fishing for striper bass with my twin brother Jonny on Hing- ham harbor. Then I got to play

by James Fish • Traveling Is Always Good Medicine

a round of golf at the Beverly Golf Club with my brother Peter and his son Bobby. Even though it wasn’t the best round of golf I ever played, it was so much fun to see my brother Pe- ter’s growth and his improved play. Bobby was a blast to be around as well and I truly en- joyed giving him some helpful tips here and there. New England’s native lands are peaking with the fall fo- liage in October and it was quite lovely to see the pro- fuse expression of colors in the trees. Driving from the Boston area up into southern New Hampshire to visit my sister Joanna was also quite the treat. We played golf at

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the Londonderry Golf Course on the outskirts of Manches- ter and we had so much fun. It was wonderful just to be in the present moment feeling the breeze, watching the leaves blow, breathing in the country air and sharing simple good times with a loved one. Both Joanna and Peter have very lovable dogs, labs. And both brought me lots of love and joy for the brief moments that I was in their presence. Peter and his wife Jodi also re- cently rescued two little kitty cats from the area in Carolina that was impacted by the hur- ricane. I was there to welcome them into their new home and watching those two little crit- ters tumble and tussle and play with each other was perhaps the greatest of my simple joys while back home in Boston. I feel very lucky and blessed to come from a big family and even though no family is per- fect, I am fortunate to have the roots that I have. We are all blessed to have

golf as one of our guides in this life. Getting out of the temple of one’s familiar is very crucial to keeping one’s heart light and peaceful. So when you get the opportunity to travel, just go and enjoy the trail.

James Fish works as a golf teaching pro at the Foxtail Golf Club and can be reached via e-mail at: or

707-548-2664 “Te possession

of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and

5800 Guerneville Rd Sebastopol • 829-2477

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mystery. Tere is always more mystery.

” Anais Nin Paradigm Shifts ...continued from page 22

positive background that Deb- bie has enjoyed over the years. Sunee Sopant ~ Culinary back- ground of operating successful for the last 24 years. Opened her first restaurant in Sonoma Valley, in 1994 to high acclaim. Ten she opened 599 Tai Cafe. Most recently she owned Bangkok 9, also in Sonoma Valley. With a desire for a new chal-

lenge in the Windsor area, and given that Chinois is in the be- ginning process of being com- pletely rebuilt, perhaps Debbie would consider an opportunity for both of them? If one doesn’t ask, one will never know, and so Sunee asked Debbie. Af- ter careful consideration and much soul searching, Debbie Shu agreed to allow Sunee So- pant to be the new restaurateur at the Chinois Asian Bistro location. Meanwhile, Debbie plans to help Sunee settle into her new location as an ambas- sador for a few months, travel more as a personal chef and caterer, and enjoy all that life will bring to her in her new life’s chapter. Sunee Sopant: “I’m very excited to be part of the reconstruction for Debbie’s Shu’s restaurant location. It will be reflecting my own design and cuisine. It’s just a great op- portunity for me to introduce the flavors of Khum Koon Tai Cafe to the Windsor area.” Debbie will also be helping

Sunee in the reconstruction for what Sunee envisions, as Debbie is also the owner of this building. “Both of us want each other’s business ventures to be very successful. I not only look forward to a refreshing, new start, but I also want to see Sunee continue to keep this restaurant location as one held in high esteem.

“True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.” ~ Karl R. Popper

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