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wedged in the proverbial ma- chine of life. Tere it is, right in front of you. It asks for no sym- pathy, no easy way out, just a solution. Living on my own at 16-1/2 years of age, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy road but I was excited to travel it! With ultimate deter- mination, I was bound to be a millionaire at 21. LOL! Really! It was a goal...and only that. As time went on, I also realized that the true value in life did not connect to mone- tary success, but rather the experiences gained while developing my character. As I traveled, met-

J You Don’t Know it...But You Need It! The Verbal Commute TM

ust when you think things are going smoothly, a new undefined wrench


have said to me, ‘I like the bad news!’, but even they are tired of it. You don’t know it, but you

need it. Good News that is. Yes, we all need to be informed in life, but if all we do is absorb

On the Up & Up!

aphorically speaking, a was faced with road blocks and decisions that would ultimately lead me to where I am today. Te onslaught of advice, abundant where-ever I went, was filtered over and over, deciphered, then applied. Here I am now in November 2018 and I am moving forward with more ideas and excite- ment for the future. Most im- portantly, it is my goal to keep the Upbeat Times New and Fresh! It is also vital I stay on the

message that we need to hear good news so that we can be inspired and feel better. I have done a consensus of who is tired of the bad news. It is all of us. Or, I should say, about 99% because of a few people who

or a month, even if it is only a tiny positive change. Te ben- efits can ripple positively. My personal solution to creating a more positive attitude is to cut out the things that stir up my negative thoughts and reac- tions to bad behaviors and bad news. Tey seem abundant at times. No TV news in the morning! Instead, sitting outside peace- fully drinking coffee or tea, I allow my cats, two dogs to greet me and compete to sit on my lap. I listen to the sounds of the morn- ing. I oſten close my eyes for 10 or more minutes and see how many different sounds I can hear...& wow!, the results and posi- tivity of the day flow like honey! At night, I do just

the same, sitting with my wife discussing the cool things that hap- pened during the day and the not so cool.

forms of media negativity & traumatic sad happenings in our communities and around the world, day aſter day, we may become depressed and irritated as well as angry. I’m convinced this is a very un- healthy lifestyle for anyone. Conversations people have with each other discussing the negative community & world circus presented by whatever media they watch, hear or read can result in negative health problems. What we seem to digest becomes us, in my opin- ion. It is my personal goal to in- spire at least one person a day

Here’s what it does for me per- sonally; it creates peace & a bit of harmony. I don’t try to over schedule my life because I find it stressful. I cannot go-go-go. I still watch the weather(I have it timed on my DVR) because it is one of the few things I cannot control, plus, I think weather is fascinating. Te truth is that “I don’t know

it at times, but I need it badly’ And that is, “Good News” And when someone gets into a rant about their ultimate frustra- tions in life, I really do listen to them. Te positive result is a genuine thank-you from

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.” ~ Audre Lorde UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • November 2018 • 3

by Paul Andrew Doyle, Founder & Publisher

the person sharing their un- satisfaction, and a bit of relief it gives them. It brings them a bit closer to a solution. When I really listen to someone, with no advice given back, I actually feel better and my relationship is stronger. May the relationship you have

with this paper bring you closer to happier and more fulfilled days. Tank you once again to all of you who participate with the Upbeat Times and all of its team members.

May this issue find you well! First Humor

A little boy, at a wedding looks at his mom and says, “Mommy, why does the bride wear white?”

His mom replies, “The bride is in white because she’s happy and this is the happiest day of her life.”

The boys thinks about this, and then says, “Well then why is the groom wearing black...”

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