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The Name November JOKES & Humor #7

Jeff Bridge’s movie, Living in the Future’s Past.

...continued from page 10 Beautifully done

and hopefully inspiring. Watch the trailer and you’ll be convinced. Bridges asks, “What kind of future would you like to see?! You de- cide!

Have you ever thought about

Hey Mr. Upbeat… FYI; Sandy’s Barber Shop is now “First Street Barber Shop”. Tis is a photo of all the team members at the shop. We have a very happy reader of the Upbeat Times. Elvia

Parmelee was pictured in the October issue reading it at the First Street Barber Shop in Cloverd- ale. She had such a big smile on her face when the other four team members at the shop saw the photo and said “Hey, what about us?” so I took another photo of everyone. Now we have Five happy readers. Back row L to R; Chuy Ruiz, Juan Favela, Jorge Vargas, Jaime Favela, In Chair; Elvia Parmelee. Where else can you go sit, relax & read the Upbeat Times and have a very tal- ented barber cut and style your hair? Located on “First Street” in Cloverdale. ~ Matt Scuteri

Strike out Hunger!

Bring in a can of food for the Redwood Empire Food Bank and bowl a game on us.

Offer good any time open lanes are available. May not be combined with other offers. Limit one game per person per day.

Off er good through October 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018

300 Golf Course Dr. -Rohnert Park, CA 94928 707-585-0226

26 • November 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

seeds? Have we forgotten the value, importance and reverence for the sacred seed?! A tower- ing Redwood tree comes from one tiny seed. The food we eat, all from sprouting seeds, grasses producing (currently controver- sial

grains) wheat, millet, oats,

barley, legumes, avacado, papaya, oranges, apples, grapes and on and on. We seem to be loosing touch with planting seeds for food, me- dicinal herbs, even lovely fragrant flowers full of nectar for bees and butterflies, pollinating everything on this lovely planet. Global Alliance, Gorilla Gar- dening, Roof Gardens and more are currently happening about our world. If you don’t do anything else listen to Dr. Vandana Shiva, Indian Scholar, physicist, social activist and more. Authoring more than twenty books about seeds, water-wars, biodiversity and much more. You’ll want to get to know her! According to Shiva, seeds are a gift and should NOT be patented. Check out her site, Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation Farm, many life changing videos, Seeds of Change on YouTube and other sites. Also explore Leonardo Di Caprio’s diligent and passionate work @Green World Rising and his other presentations/documen- taries on Climate Change. It will open your eyes so you can draw your own conclusions. . . Remember what Henry David Thoreau wrote, “We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.”

A guy stood over his tee shot for what seemed an eternity, looking up, looking down, measuring the dis- tance, figuring the wind di- rection and speed... driving his partner nuts.

Finally his exasperated part- ner says, "What's taking so long? Hit the ball!"

The guy answers, "My wife is up there watching me from the clubhouse. I want to make this a perfect shot." "Give me a break! You don't stand a snowball's chance of hitting her from here."

“Te time will come when diligent

research over long periods will bring

to light things which now lie hidden. A

single lifetime, even though entirely

devoted to the sky,

would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject...

And so this knowledge will be unfolded only through long succes- sive ages. Tere will

come a time when our descendants will be amazed that we did not know things that

are so plain to them... Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come, when

memory of us will

have been effaced.” Seneca

“Knowledge is a better weapon than a sword.” ~ Patricia Briggs

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