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Living the Upbeat Life!

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Thanks to every- body at Upbeat for putting out a pos- itive


and to you Marcia for trying to teach us how to be upbeat in spite of all the tough stuff that happens. I seriously need to get on the lighter side, LOL. Darius, Cloverdale

I think you’ve just given me my word and topic for No- vember:


Laugh Out Loud. I sure know what life is like when I can’t find anything to laugh about. I used to be depressed a lot when I was younger, laughs were in short supply and I took

by Marcia Singer of Santa Rosa, CA. ~ ~ everything seriously.

cially myself (LOL).

Espe- Thank

goodness I shifted, and thank goodness still today for all the important funny people in my life. can’t

I imagine

where I would be without a good sense of humor! Humor comes from a Latin word that means to be in the flow of things.

ited) –and to actually laugh!! Often, daily! Laughing is so important! life-giving!

So healthful! So

You may know I used to do workshops and lectures

on the

power of humor, play, and creative Improvisation. There were times I had to convince a client, before getting hired, that the topic was wor-

is a great time to give proper recognition

comedic perspectives that are light-hearted


Thanksgiving month to humor, to (not mean-spir-

thy by quoting scientific facts showing laughter actually is good medicine! You may re- call how Dr.”Patch” Adams nearly got kicked out of med school for wearing a red clown nose on the children’s cancer wards. When stuffiness gets mistaken for medical know- how, then an inability to laugh and let your joy out becomes the norm. Sadly. But there is good science to share. Laughing is indeed a safe, proven, non-pharmaco- logical alternative. One expert

speaks of a laugh as a D.O.S.E. of well- being, citing Dopa- mine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. These come from our cellular pharmacy for the price of a breath of fresh air. With no negative side effects! Laughter is also the second best full body release of ten- sion (you can guess the first, LOL), a blood-stream oxygen- ator,

immunity booster, nat-

ural pain killer (endorphins), digestion helper and longevity increaser. It’s FUNdamental to well being, and to wellness. But what’s much better than knowing the science behind a laughter prescription, is actu- ally laughing out loud! So, in the interest of health, and as a tribute to my own gratitude for comedy, humor and guffaws, I want to wish you Happy Thanksgiving and share some humor.

From “Cosmic Half-Affirma- tions” by Shanti Goldstein

1. Blessed are the flexible, for they can tie themselves into knots.


2. I am at one with my duality. 3. The first step is to say nice things about myself. Second, do nice things for myself. Third, find someone to buy me nice things.

4. I am willing to make the mistakes, if someone else is willing to learn from them.

Lost In the Translation 1. Japanese

detour Drive sideways.

2. In a Japanese Hotel: Please to bathe inside the tub. 3. In a Swiss mountain inn: Special Today –no ice cream. 4. In an Acapulco hotel: The manager has personally passed all the water here.

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I’ll end with a true tale about Andrew Carnegie, a charitable man, but he believed that we should work for what we get. One day, after several years as the sole supporter for the local symphony orchestra, Mr. Car- negie decided it was high time for the fundraisers to earn their keep. “You will no longer get your entire budget from me,” he told the stunned representa- tives. “I will contribute only an amount equal to the donations you get from other sources.” The fundraisers departed in shock, but returned two days later, with $3.5 million dollars –half the symphony’s budget! Carnegie was really pleased. “I hope this teaches you young folks a valuable lesson,” he said. “May I ask where you raised such a large sum of money –and so quickly?” – The head of the fundraising department smiled: “We got it from Mrs. Carnegie.”

Shining delight, Yours in a word, LOL, Marcia “Knowing was a temptation. What you don’t know won’t tempt you.” ~ Margaret Atwood sign:

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