Ottawa, Ontario – The Jump Canada Hall of Fame is cur- rently calling for nomina- tions for its 2018 Induction class. The Jump Canada Hall of Fame Induction Cer- emony, presented by BMO, will be held as part of a black-tie gala on Sunday, November 4, 2018, at the Liberty Grand in Toronto, ON.

ognized by the Jump Canada Hall of Fame in- clude Builder - Individual;

Current categories rec-

Nominations Sought for Jump Canada Hall of Fame Builder

Groom; Pony; Hunter; Jumper; Rider; Sponsor; Media;


process gives our member- ship an opportunity to share their stories about those who have made our sport special,

for potential Jump Canada Hall of Fame candidates are available on the Equestrian Canada website here. “The


Team/Event. The nomination criteria

Official; and

- Organization;

sideration for the 2018 Hall of Fame Induction Cere- mony are due to the Hall of Fame Committee by June 30, 2018. The committee will then deliberate and an- nounce this year’s Inductees from among all nominations received to date. Nomina- tions not accepted for induc-

and to put forward sugges- tions for future inductees,” said Mark Samuel, Chair of the Jump Canada Hall of Fame. Submissions for con-

of Fame committee includes Mark Samuel (Chair), Jen- nifer Anstey, Evie Frisque, Muffie Guthrie, Bobbie Reber, Phil Rozon, Jennifer Ward, and Nancy Wetmore.

Hands On Technique Relaxes Your Stressed Horse

quences of their body’s re- action to stress. It is normal to have stress in life but only for short intervals, not as a

thetic state for extended pe- riods of time, the horse experiences

the conse-

This means that when these specific Equi-Bow moves are applied to the horse, in- stead of remaining in a dis- tressed or reactive state (sympathetic nervous re- sponse) the horse shifts al- most instantaneously into a more relaxed, thinking or rest/ digest state (parasym- pathetic nervous response) When in the sympa-

small precise moves made with the fingers and thumbs behind the shoulder of a horse can shift the horse’s nervous system from a sym- pathetic response into a parasympathetic response? What does this mean?

By Cheryl Gibson Did you know that four

chronic ongoing state. Horses stressed in an ongo- ing chronic state show symptoms such as increased tissue inflammation, reac- tivity and difficulty learn- ing.

nervous state interferes with the ability of the horse to learn efficiently; this affects trainers and competitors as the time required for train-

imbalance in the body inter- fering with efficiency and movement of the limbs, in- creased wear & tear on the joints, potential injury/lame- ness, resistance and other behavioural issues as well as digestive issues such as ul- cers & weight-loss. Being in a sympathetic

of tension, creating imbal- ance structurally in the body resulting in an inability to perform to the best of their ability. Compensating pos- tures due to discomfort cre- ate muscle

tension, Their bodies show areas

and an unbalanced body can be devastating for the horse, their owners, trainers and competitors. What would it look like if you could save

Susan Dahl Continued from Page 6.

safety for horse and rider.

Putting my spin on the cow- boy german martingale.

ReinersueQ @KISS Reiners

About Susan Dahl Susan Dahl, ORHA/NRHA past multiple champion, writer, blogger, author and

ing horses increases. Equi- Bow technique applied to the horse settles the horse’s nervous system so that they can think and learn more clearly. The fallout from stress 905-659- 7223 or 905-627-6797.

clinician, retired certified professional horse trainer. Owner of Foundation Rein- ing Training Centre in Durham, ON. She special- izes in effective horseman- ship, and reining. For more information on her services: judging, clinics or resale horses, please contact her on facebook, her website: www.reinersuehorseman- or reinersue@hot-

in September – YOU can learn the Equi-Bow tech- nique! w w w . e q u i -

time, energy & money and have more success with your horse? Join us for a new series

ductees can be found at port/jumping/awards. The Jump Canada Hall

tion in 2018 will be retained and considered in future years. Profiles of previous in-


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