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OPHC News The Paint Horse Championship pro-

gram is a series of classes held in conjunction with select APHA approved shows and is de- signed to increase participation and provide national recognition to exhibitors who pri- marily show regionally.

In 2018, OPHC is pleased to offer the

following Championship Classes at the Mid- Summer Class show:

Open Mares Open Geldings Open Hunter Under Saddle Open Western Pleasure

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Open Trail Open Ranch Riding Open Reining Open SPB Hunter Under Saddle Open SPB Western Pleasure Youth Showmanship Youth Hunter Under Saddle Youth Equitation Youth Western Pleasure Youth Horsemanship Amateur Showmanship Amateur Hunter Under Saddle Amateur Equitation Amateur Western Pleasure Amateur Horsemanship

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available at all OPHC events. The draw will be held on July 22nd at the APHA Championship & Mid-Summer Classic show.

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Ontario Reined Cow Horse Association Werner Bohner, President, 519-209-8196

To promote the reined cow horse in Ontario through education, participation, and mentorship

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training and nerves of the best riders.

ticipated in the clinic on Sat- urday – we returned the next day with a few more extra dry layers of clothing to practise and test our skills at the 2nd ORCHA show. The rain con- tinued to come down and al-

the ORCHA for providing a great opportunity for all of us participants, learning this ex- citing class that is filled with heritage and horsemanship. The Clinicians, volunteers, di- rectors and sponsors did an amazing job of keeping the day moving and a lot of fun. A clinic highlight started last year was when each partici- pant left for home with a “Grab bag” filled with product samples, goodies and informa- tion provided by our numer- ous club sponsors – something that we all appreciated. For many of us that par-

A sincere thank you to

split according to the level of experience and knowledge with groups spending a half day with each clinician. Craig Black from Vienna and Jess Cofell of London were there to guide us through the skills needed, understanding of the rules and judging, along with the prob- lem areas of each horse, and rider with the latter being the most addressed! With oilskins and rain slickers on, riders practiced skills such as flying lead changes, spins, boxing and tracking cows. The level of excitement rose when “ Down the Fence “ training started for the advanced rid- ers. This part of the class en- forces the need for proper base training of our horses as the speed required to obtain the best runs can test


Richmond Ontario but the weekend of June 23 & 24 it rained steady for two days. It never did dampen the spirits of those participating in the ORCHA Annual Cow Horse Clinic held at the Walker Farm just outside of Alymer. This was my second year attending this fully booked event and I found it very informative and interactive – im- proving my knowledge on this class and my skills in both the reining and cow work. The morning started with participants being

According to some it never rains in beautiful

though the show pens were wet and sloppy, the enthusiasm and cheers of encouragement contin- ued. Horses and riders challenged themselves to perform their patterns in less than ideal conditions but we all kept reminding ourselves that this too will pass. As the day ended with a bonfire and a few good stories of the challenges of the weekend .... a few of us could be heard singing ..... “ The sun will come out – tomorrow.....”

Calendar of Events: Shows - July 22, August 19, September 16

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