of Toronto in rental accommodation and my parents separated after four children when my youngest sister was nine months old. My mom be- came a single mom. A tough life and with little time or money for some of the niceties that most of my class- mates had. My fathers family were dairy

By Teri Davidson It seems that at least once a week I

am asked about how to become a real es- tate salesperson and why did I get into the real estate business. So I decided to write a column about my reasons and why real estate and homes have always been my passion. Simple family never owned a home. We lived in the big city

farmers and still owned their big farm in Whitevale near Pickering, Ontario where we spent most Sundays and a lot of the summers while I was very young. It must have set country living in my soul because it’s the lifestyle I have always been drawn to and where I live now having accom- plished my dream of owning my own farm.

While living with my mother in

Toronto we walked to school through lovely neighbourhoods where we saw beautiful lawns, well kept homes and I often imagined what it would be like to love in such places with a dad at home and a regular family. As I grew older I would spend evenings driving around with my first

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REAL ESTATE: I Became A Real Estate Salesperson In 1976 But my roots and my beginnings

boyfriend looking into the windows of these same homes and seeing the people living there enjoying family time and we would ooh and ah about their fine furniture and decorating. ( a little bizarre for teenagers .. I know.) I did very well in school always

got good grades and the teachers who nurtured me and supported me in my class work asked me what I wanted to do once I finished school. They no- ticed my interest in homes and two of them suggested I consider the real es- tate business as a career. I left home at sixteen, moved to

Brantford Ontario , took a night time job and enrolled in the real estate courses at Mohawk College. I LOVED it! When I joined the Brantford Re-

gional Real Estate Association I was the youngest real estate agent in our city and when I completed the Bro- kers courses several years later I was the youngest Broker. I soon became successful because I was enthralled with the homes, the people and the quick and exciting work environ- ment. As a young woman I was a bit of a unique fixture as most of my peers were older men who frowned on me , as one put it, not being home with my kids and husband. In those first years I had neither. And soon was out selling most of my competi- tors and peers. Life carried on and soon I was

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46 Acre Hobby Farm is a perfect blend of old and new! The original home on this property has been moved back from the road with a new foundation, all mechanics updated and a big addition added! Four bedrooms, nice open concept kitchen that looks out to the large dining and family room. Enjoy the cozy fireplace on cold evenings after coming in from the barn. Master bedroom has a beautiful ensuite. Upper floor office offers pine floors, tin ceiling and beautiful views across the farm property with its workable hay fields, the treed valley and fenced paddocks. Loft area. Large bedrooms. Main floor bedroom with adjoining bath would be a great spot for guests on inlaw set up. Timber frame barn offers five box stalls and huge hay mow as well as attached double garage. Workshop has its own separate drive- way and concrete floor in work area is heated. 26 workable acres. Two story Bunkie. Fenced areas for horses. Very picturesque property lo- cated just outside Lynden. $1,499,900. Call Teri Davidson 519-758-7307 to view!

married to a local Brantford boy and he along with our three children grew to adapt to my busy lifestyle and long hours.

stayed with me and I had two fo- cuses. One , to own my own piece of heaven in the country and have horses and dogs, the other to make sure my children always had a home of their own. A sanctuary. A place to take refuse from the world. I helped my oldest daughter at

eighteen to buy her first home. A du- plex where the income from the one apartment was enough to carry the mortgage and the other income used to pay down the principle on the mortgage. She suck with that plan for several years and now at 34 yrs old has a nice home that is fully paid for. She will never have to worry , as I did, about not having a safe place or a roof over her head. My two other children both

bought homes three years ago and rented them while they were in school. Now that my son has gradu- ated he has sold his first home and just recently accepted a job here in Brantford ( yay!) and is in the midst of closing on his second home which is just around the corner from his work in a pleasant friendly neigh- bourhood. He too has a roof over his head.

My youngest has also just

started the process of selling her first home and buying a second property. She will be attending university again next year to do a second Mas- ters program but once she is done she will also have a place to call home, a sanctuary and roots. No Matter what happens to them in life, job loss, sickness or health

Two acres gives you room for two horses with this Stately Original Circa 1800 farm- house in Brant County. This home requires the skills of a handyman to bring her back to her original splendor! Big back deck overlooks 140 acres of farm fields and val- leys. No close neighbours. Properties that are like this one and have already been


Teri Davidson Broker/Owner

Associate Realty Brantford 519-758-7307

they will be able to feel secure in knowing they have their homes. Nothing fancy, but no one can ever take that away from them. I have achieved for them what I lacked and was so wanting when I was a young girl. Their families will live in homes and I hope their lives will be good ones.

For myself I feel I have come

full circle now because I live on my home farm, with my horses, my Ger- man Shepherd dogs, fruit trees and a big old barn. At the end of a long day when I’ve found the perfect home for some young family or sold a home for a couple who are moving forward with their lives, and I stand out in the corn field as dusk gathers and hear the Canadian geese honk as they fly overhead , I remember my roots and my dreams and feel fulfilled.

Call Teri Davidson, Broker

Owner of Associate Realty for your 40 yrs of my experience can link you to selling or buying a home, rural property or farm in Brantford and Brant County areas.. Move to where you can have a career and a life. “

renovated sell for far more. This one is ready for your own touches. Four bedrooms, two baths. Home to the same family for generations. Call Teri for more details. %19-758-7307. $799,900

Call Teri Davidson, Broker/Owner,

Associate Realty Brantford Inc. 519-647-3330

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Build your own hobby farmon this 22 acre building lot on Governor's Rd between Brantford and St. George. Build whichever size home you want, doesn't have to be huge and your own barn add fencing! This way you'll have it all the way you like and no re- pairs or updates needed! $799,900. Call Teri for more details 519-758-7307

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