JULY 2018 THE RIDER /49 Corette Unbeatable in Headwaters Cup!

once again to be a huge success yesterday evening, where we had a packed arena and VIP section for the viewing of the Grand Prix, generously pre-

Super Saturday proved

OFA Commentary Let’s get to

work on ag and rural

By Steve Brackenridge, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture Queen’s Park will have an

interesting array of veteran and new politicians when the PC party takes the reigns under Premier- designate Doug Ford and his new majority government. There are a number of returning MPPs but most of the 124 politicians are first timers, including representatives of new, mostly urban, ridings. That provides a great opportunity for the Ontario Federation of Agricul- ture and our 38,000 members. We are an advocacy organi-

zation with a mandate to represent the interests of more than 38,000 Ontario farmers, and we see tremendous opportunities to in- form, discuss and educate all MPPs about the importance and promise of our agricultural sector and rural communities. The new faces in Queen’s

Park are a great audience for OFA to talk about the economic contri- butions of the agriculture industry, and the infrastructure investments that will ensure our industry con- tinues to help drive the provincial economy. We reached out to all candidates during the election about distributing economic devel- opment throughout the province as part of our Producing Prosperity in Ontario platform. We’ll continue to reinforce the key messages with all MPPs as they settle in to the new government – the need for ex- panded access to affordable natu- ral gas, improved roads, bridges and drainage, and reliable internet. OFA has always valued a

positive and productive relation- ship with the provincial govern- ment. As the seat of government shifts to the PC party, we thank outgoing Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Jeff Leal for his attention and dedication to our sector during his tenure at Queen’s Park. OFA congratulates the new

government and Premier-desig- nate Ford. We have a lot of impor- tant work ahead with the new and returning MPPs to ensure the voices, ideas and concerns of On- tario’s agricultural industry and rural communities are heard loud and clear. Working with Ontario politicians and policymakers on prudent investment we will, in- deed Produce Prosperity in On- tario.

Keean White & Corette [Photo Credit @ Ringside Media]

sented by NationWide Auto Warranty. Be- fore any of the excitement started, kids were encouraged to join in on our Horseless Horse Show as well as a new educational activity organized by ONEquestrian in honor of their Rookie rider program. Kids hopped on a vaulting Barrel to display different riding po- sitions and skills. Kids were then rewarded with a ‘ticket to ride’ to one of many local stables and a brand new pair of riding gloves. It sure was an evening high in emotions

and excitement, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats! Our winner especially, Keean White took a tumble on his first mount over the last jump. He, however, made a spectacular return and recovery to the arena taking home the win on his mare Corette racing down to the last jump in the jump-off giving the VIP section a good show! Alongside White in the jump-off were

Alexanne Thibault, Keean White & Hugh Graham [Photo Credit @ Ringside Media]

riders Quentin Judge aboard HH Casey Jones from Ridgefield CT, the very compet- itive Alexanne Thibault and her longtime partner Chacco Prime, Hugh Graham and Knock Out 3E. Keean claimed the red ribbon and stood next to Hugh and Alexanne on the podium who were second and third respec- tively.

Stephanie Morrison and Charmeur P were the winners of the $3,000 Jr/Am 1.40m Classic. Beaverwood’s Halo and Kilby Brun- ner Deforest were our Pony Jumper Classic winners, Lianna Lazzari took top honors in the Jump Canada Medal and the RH Medal was won by Vimy Henderson! Congratulations to all!!

To mention a few other of our winners,

View full results of the Headwaters Cup NationWide Grand Prix at: http://show-

groundsl - stone/classes/Detail/cid/7720 Watch the Grand Prix at

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