President Gary Yaghdjian

1st Vice-President Banquet

Dan Fletcher Ontario Reining Horse Association 2nd Vice-President

Marketing, Publications & IT Laura Henderson

Treasurer Gary Yaghdjian

Past President Harvey Stevens

Secretary Joanne Milton

Director - OBBO Leona McAtee

Director - Professionals Jon Newnham & Loris Epis

Director - Memberships Janna Imrie -

Director - Youth Advisor Terri Purdie,

Director – Shows Mike Munroe,

Director – Rules & Discipline John Purdie

nate with NRHA and partic- ipate in the Affiliate Regional Championships (ARC) is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on represent- ing your affiliate, running for a regional award, win- ning awesome prizes and getting your invite to the Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC). All you need is to be a current ORHA member in good standing; a current NRHA member in good standing; have designated to the ORHA and compete in an NRHA affiliate class (listed below).

onship program was created by the NRHA to promote

What is the Affiliate Cham- pionship Program? The affiliate champi-

The deadline to desig-

and develop reining at the grassroots level. A number of the ORHA sanctioned shows are affiliate qualifiers shows; including Spring Thaw, Pickering Slide, Wa- terford Slide and Spirit of Excellence Challenge. Members, who have desig- nated, earn affiliate points competing in the NRHA af- filiate classes (listed below). The top 15 horse and rider combinations, plus ties, from each affiliate class qualify to compete in the Eastern Canada - Affiliate Regional Championships (ARC), which this year will be hosted by Association Québécoise de Reining (AQR) and held on Septem- ber 6-9 in Sorel-Tracy Que- bec. The top ten (10) horse and rider combinations, plus ties, from each class at each

Don’t be Late, DESIGNATE! Let It Rein!

Affiliate Regional Champi- onships qualify for the Ade- quan® North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC).

Affiliate classes are: − Open − Non Pro

− Intermediate Open − Intermediate Non Pro − Limited Open − Limited Non Pro − Rookie Professional − Prime Time Non Pro − Novice Horse Open 1 − Novice Horse Non Pro 1 − Novice Horse Open 2 − Novice Horse Non Pro 2 − Youth 13 & Under − Youth 14-18 − Rookie 1 − NRHA Short Stirrup − Rookie 2 How do I designate? In order to qualify for

the Affiliate Regional Championships (ARC) exhibitors must have com- pleted the Affiliate Designation Form and submitted it to NRHA no later than August 1st. This form is available both on the ORHA website and the

NRHA website. Once a designation is registered, it will apply from year to year, so you do not have the designate each year, unless you wish to change the affiliate you are designate to. Changes must be sent in writing to the

NRHA Affiliate Department and meet the August 1st deadline. Exhibitors must be a current member of the des- ignated affiliate.

The Summer Sizzler show

definitely sizzled on June 15- 17 at Fletcher’s Horse World. Thank You to Dallice June for these awesome pictures of the event. Check out more pictures

and videos of our shows on the Ontario Reining Horse Associ- ation Facebook Page!

ORHA Calendar of Events TIVE until regularly for scheduling changes and con- firmations. July 20-23 - Waterford, ON. Reining Clinic Featuring Loris Epis, Jason Richards and Jon Newnham. At Fletcher’s Horse World . FMI: Dan Fletcher (H) 519-443-5 (C) 416-578-0478 or Aug 3-5 - Waterford, ON. Canadian Reining Classic. At Fletcher’s Horse World. FMI: John & Sharon Fletcher 519-443- 7333 or Aug 25 - 26 - Pickering, ON. Pickering Reining Classic & OBBO Futurity At Pickering Horse Centre. FMI Pickering Classic: Gary Yaghd- jian, FMI OBBO Futurity: Leona

Events are subject to change. All ORHA shows are TENTA- indicated otherwise. Please check

McAtee Sept 6 - 9 - Sorel-Tracey, QC. NRHA Affiliate Regional Cham- pionship Eastern Canada. Centre Multifonctionnel Richardson 216 rue Victoria Sorel-Tracy QC J3P 1Z5. FMI: Visit the Asso- ciation Québécoise de Reining Sept 14-16 - Waterford, ON. ORHA Grand Finale Show. Hosted by ORHA at Fletchers Horse World. FMI: Laura Henderson mar- Oct 2-28 - Columbus, ON. All American Quarter Horse Con- gress. FMI: Visit Nov 22 – Dec 1 - Oklahoma City, OK. NRHA Futurity & Ade- quan North American Affiliate Championship. FMI: Visit the

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