26/ JULY 2018 THE RIDER 2018 Executive & Board of Directors

President: Cheryl Norris, 613-608-3608, Vice-President: Taylor D. Burt Secretary: Sheryl Chillson, Past President: Shawna Crawford, Treasurer: Rosemary Burt

Great Shows, Great Horses, Great Friends


Directors: Doug MacDougall - Janey MacDougall - Barb Downer - Dianne Runtz - Jenna Misener - Matt Misener - Laura Coburn, - Webmaster Joanne Dorion

full composition of its new Board of Directors

Ontario Racing announces the

NOTICE TO INDUSTRY The first order of business for the new Board was

electing, unanimously, Mr. John Hayes, the Independent Chair of the Board. Mr. Hayes brings significant business management

and executive expertise to the role of OR Chair, with for- mer positions in finance and administration positions with General Electric, Black & Decker and Home Depot. He also has over 25 years of experience as a Standardbred race horse owner. He previously served as Gaming Direc- tor with Ontario Lottery and Gaming, with operational re- sponsibilities at Georgian Downs, Ajax Downs, Grand River Raceway, Woodbine and other racetracks across the province. He most recently served as an At-Large Director of Ontario Racing. “I am honoured to be appointed to the Independent

Chair of Ontario Racing,” said Mr. Hayes. “I have a pas- sion for horse racing and am confident in the direction and approach of Ontario Racing. I look forward to working with the industry’s diverse group of stakeholders to create a sustainable future for the sport in Ontario.” In addition to Mr. Hayes, there are 10 seats, five from

industry associations and five from racetracks, on Ontario Racing’s Board of Directors. Bill O’Donnell (President, COSA, on behalf of Stan-

dardbred Horsepeople), Sue Leslie (President, HBPA, on behalf of Thoroughbred Horsepeople), Bob Broadstock (President, Quarter Horse Racing Owners of Ontario, on behalf of Quarter Horse Horsepeople), Walter Parkinson (President, SBOA, on behalf of Standardbred Breeders) and Bernard McCormack (President, Cara Bloodstock, on behalf of Thoroughbred Breeders) will represent the As- sociations on the board. Jim Lawson (CEO, Woodbine Entertainment, on be-

half, of Premier Thoroughbred Racetracks), Jim Thibert (CEO, Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium, on behalf of Signature Thoroughbred Racetracks), Jessica Buckley (President, Woodbine Mohawk Park, on behalf of Premier Standardbred Racetracks), Hugh Mitchell (President, Western Fair District, on behalf of Signature Standardbred Racetracks) and Ian Fleming (General Manager, Clinton Raceway, on behalf of Grassroots Standardbred Race- tracks) will represent the racetracks in the new composi- tion.

“John brings substantial expertise and vast perspec-

tive in the areas of racing, finance and administration to his role as Chair of Ontario Racing,” said Mr. Mitchell. “His previous experience on the OR Board, combined with his extensive grassroots racing experience make him the ideal person for this position.” “Ontario Racing Management (ORM) looks forward

to working with John and the rest of the Ontario Racing board in building a long-term foundation for success for the province’s horse racing industry,” said Katherine Curry, Executive Director, ORM. “Ontario Racing’s em- phasis on transparency, inclusiveness, credibility and en- gagement to continue to develop confidence and credibility with all stakeholders in the industry will be crit- ical to its achievements. Ontario Racing has laid the foun- dation for long-term success for all its stakeholders.”

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