looks for ways to give more benefits to its members. BFL provided more insurance op- tions for you and your horse while at home and away. We are working across Canada to create connectivity with other groups and facilities to in- crease awareness and drive the interest for the Recreational Side of horse ownership. Creating younger interest

throughout each province and affordability so more families can engage together in which ever discipline or many disci- plines. Being connected at Health and Welfare side gives us opportunity to make our members aware of any issues or changes that may affect them. Advocacy is another big part of our goals to ensure everyone is treated fairly no matter what your discipline, age, gender or ability is. Equal Opportunity for All! We would like to honor

your trusted steed by allowing you to submit in 50 words or less why your horse is special. We do not want how many ribbons or shows it has won but what it means to you. Why are you best buds and any special things your horse does that makes your life bet- ter, more fun or interesting. Example: My first horse

Office: 905-655-4666 As CRHRA grows it Recreational Equestrian Canadians

questions or issues. On the back of your member- ship tags is your policy number. Have that ready when you call. 1-800-668-5901 Stephanie Kirton. We urge you to call BFL as they can answer

ships as well for trial riding groups, training, board- ing stables, breeders, driving, etc. Go to the Website for details. Contact us if you would like us to speak at a

your insurance questions as we are NOT Insurance People we ONLY provide opportunity for insurance as a benefit. Don’t forget we offer Association Member-

meeting, event or AGM about CRHRA. Contact Jack at he would love to hear from you. As we grow in other provinces you can help if Welcome New And Renewing Members!!!!!


you have friends or relatives that reside there to help spread the word. We are looking for Regional Reps all over Canada now. Please have them include Re- gional Rep in the Subject Line. Contact

at Working For The Future Of

Dusty taught me to walk due to a birth defect. She would take one step and wait, letting me hold on and continued this for hours if I was able. Even- tually I got strong enough to get on. She taught me to ride and many more life skills. She went on to a boy with polio and taught him the same. Hope Dusty you are getting

Meeting is coming up in Oc- tober and we are looking for locations. Please submit if your organization would like to host our AGM at one of your functions or along with your AGM. We only require a couple of hours. Contact Bon- n

tractors, lawn mowers, snow blowers etc. and is offering to our members a 26% discount provided you show your cur- rent membership card. Go to our website for more details. Or contact them directly at 1-877-905-0004. BFL does not issue paper

policies when you join but does provide a contact person for you to call if you have Subject Line: AGM Location Don’t forget about our newest Sponsor Partner Equine Equipment. Equine Equipment sells

i e with the subject line My Spe- cial Horse. I will publish a couple each month in the Rider and on our website. Our Annual General

all the sweat feed in horse heaven you want!!!!! Please submit your story me


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