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July 14 - OCHA Fun Day – Martin Farm August 11-12 – Walker Farm August 31 - Paris Fair September 1-2 - Fletcher’s Horseworld September 8-9 - Russell Fair September 22-23 - Minshall Farms SHOW TIMES Saturday Shows - Horses on the grounds at 10:00

2018 Ontario Cutting HorseAssociation Show Schedule

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Katherine Van Boekel 519-983-0156 Honourary Director Ernie Wilson 519-855-6960 NCHA Area 21 Director Erik Van Boekel

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am - Show starts at 11:00 am Sunday Shows - Horses on the grounds at 9:00 am - Show starts at 10:00 am

SHOWPRE-ENTRIES Pre-entries are required 10 days prior to the show for fresh cattle classes at entries@ontariocutting- Any concerns please con- tact OCHA President Scott Reed at 905-864-5312.

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Please direct mail to our treasurer: Juanita MacKay

304 Conklin Road, R.R. #2, Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L5

laxed day of good horseman- ship AND good sportsmanship July 14, 2018 – John and Erica Martin’s Farm Fun Cutting: includes cutting and pork dinner - $175 ($100 deposit must be re-

ceived by June 30th) Ranch Cutting: cutting - $50 + dinner $20 Contact Scott Reed at (905) 864-5312 to sign up.

OCHAOpen Award

Congratulations Jim

MacKay and Mister Metallica, owned by Amanda Law, on winning the Open class June 10, 2018 at the Walker’s show. Vest sponsored by JP Gravel, Lynne Pool, and Hudon Enter- prises.

Photo provided by Janice Retterath

Jim MacKay, Brooklyn Hawes, and OCHA Vice President/ NCHA Director Eric Van Boekel. Photo provided by Laurie Reed

regret that the Ontario Cutting Horse Associa- tion has lost a long-time member. Ernie Wilson of Hillsburgh, Ontario, in his 82nd year, passed away on June 16, 2018. Our condolences

It is with deepest

to his wife Aurora of al- most 50 years and his daughters Letitia (hus- band Aaron Cronk) and Amber (husband Wayne Czisny) and his son Sloan (wife Beverly Amiro) and his grand- children Blake and Jack- son.

Photo provided by the Wilson Family

member, director, president, and this year became OCHA’s first hon- orary director. Ernie held judging cards in both the National and Canadian Cutting Horse Association. He had NCHA earnings of

anyone and would invite you to his farm to give it a try. He wanted everyone to have a chance to love and enjoy this wonderful sport as much as he did. He would find the new member and always make them feel as welcome as possible, if there was any way he could help and direct them down the right path he would. Ernie was active in the Ontario Cutting Horse Association as a

blood. He may not have won a million but he was dedicated to the sport. He loved the breeding and the raising of the cutting horse, he took great pride in that. Ernie would say hello to everyone whether at a cutting or not. He loved to share his enthusiasm for the sport of cutting with

he still considered Alberta his home. He owned and operated Wilson Industrial Auctioneers in Milton, Ontario for over 40 years. Ernie’s true passion was horses. Horses have always been in his

Photo Provided by Laurie Reed

from showing at an impressive age of 75, he continued to support the association by being a member of the board of director’s and was always at weekend shows supporting the competitors. Known for his larger than life personality, Ernie had a fantastic smile and was

over $50,000. He owned the Canadian Cutting Horse Hall of Fame horse Sweet O Lena, and raised cutting horse foals that went on to produce earnings in excess of $370,000. Ernie hosted cuttings at Chi- nook Farms for over 30 years which included an amazing BBQ and was attended from cutters from across Canada and the U.S. He also held annual winter jackpot cuttings in the indoor arena at Chinook Farms. Ernie personally competed for over 40 years. When he retired

on July 7, 1936 in Cal- gary, Alberta and even though he has lived in Ontario for over 55 years

Ernie was born

ting, words cannot express how dearly our friend Ernie will be missed by the On- tario Cutting Horse Association commu- nity. Happy trails… .Ernie Wilson.

quick with a joke. A man who loved ani- mals, and his family, Ernie has touched the lives of countless in- dividuals in the cut- ting industry. A legend in cut-

laughed a lot. I loved those hot pep- per egg sandwiches you brought. I love how you knew the breeding of every horse in the pen. I loved how you said what you thought every now and then. I loved how you liked to sit with friends and share good cheer. I loved how loyal you were and defended without fear. I loved how you adored your wife. I loved how you loved your family and life. I loved knowing that you called us your friend. I loved knowing you to the end. Happy Trails Ernie”

-Laurie Reed

POEM “I will miss you Ernie Wilson. I

love how you

Photo provided by Katherine Van Boekel

Photo provided by the Wilson Family

Photo Provided by Laurie Reed

Photo Provided by Laurie Reed

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