Innovative new products from The Keystone Group

At The Keystone Group, innovation is very much at the core of the organisation, with a determined focus on providing building solutions to meet the challenges faced by the construction industry and to enhance the sector itself. This is demonstrated clearly with two innovative new product launches; the Hi-therm+ range, available from Keystone & IG Lintels and Keylite’s new Polar White PVC Roof Window range, both of which have been introduced into the market during 2017.

Lintels are in most cases the most significant non-repeating thermal bridges as traditional style lintels interrupt the line of insulation with a continuous piece of highly conductive steel. The patented design of the original Hi-therm lintel uniquely combines the low thermal transmission properties or a rigid polymer with the structural strength of steel. The product remains the only BBA approved, one-piece thermally efficient lintel in the market.

The innovative design of the Hi-therm+ Lintel, while still utilising a rigid polymer thermal insulator as an effective thermal break, now incorporates a steel inner and external leaf. The lintel is as thermally efficient as the original but is now similar to a standard steel lintel for simplified installation.

Speaking of the new advancement, Keystone & IG’s Managing Director Derrick McFarland commented, “The need to address thermal bridging is becoming a mainstream requirement and is boosting the need for advanced thermally efficient lintels. Our R&D team has continued in its quest for perfection and the new re-designed Hi-therm+ Lintel helps meet the growing demand onsite for compliance with Part L 2013 regulations.”

The low Psi value of the Hi-Therm+ Lintel has a positive effect on the SAP calculation, which in turn gives designers flexibility to choose less onerous wall u-values and glazing specifications. Designers can value engineer their building specification whilst maintaining compliance with building regulations.


Keylite has launched its brand new Polar range of white high performance PVC roof windows in response to rapidly growing market demand for white roof windows. With most projects now using PVC frames for the rest of the windows it became the next logical step for Keylite that roof windows would also move towards PVC. While natural pine roof windows are still popular, there is a marked shift towards white windows which co- ordinate with white ceilings and create bright contemporary interiors.

The Polar PVC range combines the latest in modern PVC materials and design to produce a thermally efficient multi-chambered profile, which has the benefit of being 100% moisture proof. The wipe clean surface is an advantage throughout the home and PVC’s inherent moisture resistance means that Polar windows are also ideal in rooms where humidity is higher such as bathrooms and kitchens.

A further advantage over pine or white painted windows is that Polar will remain completely maintenance free throughout its life, unlike timber based windows which will require painting or refinishing at some stage in the future depending on the environment in which they are installed.

The exterior of the Polar window has been redesigned with less visible fixings and a new hood for an attractive streamlined appearance in the roof, a standard Keylite feature that also allows the window to sit lower in the roof. Fitting the hood is now click fit and no longer requires screws.

The Polar range also benefits from all the unique innovations found in other Keylite windows, including the integrated thermal collar for energy efficiency and reduction of thermal bridging. This detail plays an important role in reducing condensation which can cause staining and mould growth when roof windows are installed without suitable insulation around the frame. Because the insulation collar is built into the Polar frames as standard there are no additional costs to complete effective insulation. Polar also shares all the easy fit features which set Keylite apart from other roof windows including the pre-fitted brackets and easy sash features.

For further information on these and other products within the Keystone Group portfolio, please contact or call our Head office on 01283 200 150

TEL: 01283 200150 9


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