CPD announcements

New Sarnafil Plus CPD for ever changing industry Sika Sarnafil has launched a new and improved ‘Successful Roof

Refurbishment’ Continual Professional Development (CPD) seminar, aimed at those looking to specify high performance products for roof renovations.

Created by the experts at Sarnafil Plus, the company’s specialist refurbishment offer, the interactive RICS Approved CPD has been updated specifically to aid specifiers, including building surveyors facilities managers and building managers, in their decision making process. The CPD contains vital up-to-date information on how to identify the causes of roof failure, investigation methods, compliance with efficiency regulations, system options and how to specify the best materials for a project.

The CPD can be combined with a live demonstration where attendees are shown the various Sarnafill waterproofing systems being installed and get the chance to try their hand at welding the membrane themselves.

Head of sales for single ply membranes at Sika, John O’Raw explains why Sarnafil Plus chose to upgrade and improve the CPD: “With the refurbishment market growing fast we noticed that building managers, FMs, architects and surveyors were increasingly seeking out the latest information about regulations and roofing systems. We’re dedicated to supporting these specifiers in an ever changing industry, so an update was essential to provide the highest quality educational material to meet those needs.

“The CPD provides attendees with invaluable knowledge about current legislation and regulations, including British Standards, EU Standards, energy efficiency requirements as set out in Part L and BREEAM assessments, as well as learning about our newly available site inspection and supervision tool.”


Attendees will also be able to find out more about the benefits of a market- leading single-point guarantee, which protects against unlikely problems that may arise from the failure of roofing membranes and the existing substrate, caused by incorrect design or installation, giving all parties involved complete peace of mind.

The CPD is 60 minutes long, including a question and answer session, and will be delivered by one of four dedicated experienced Sarnafil Plus Refurbishment Surveyors.

One of the biggest challenges in rectifying damp problems in buildings is identifying the cause. A new seminar from Safeguard Europe - the UK’s leading specialist in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology - arms architects, builders and other specifiers with information to help them determine the source of damp - and then gives options on how to remedy the situation.

Delivered in the clients’ workplace, the RIBA-accredited seminar Dealing with Dampness in Existing Properties (Above Ground) has been designed to help professionals meet their commitments to Continued Professional Development (CPD). It covers existing and new technologies for dealing with the different forms of damp, and highlights why some diagnostic equipment - such as certain damp meters - can lead to confusion if used blindly.

Though many damp cases are often instantly attributed to rising damp, there are several potential types including condensation, rain penetration, and construction moisture and contaminating sales which attract moisture.

As the CPD seminar points out, the drive towards higher levels of insulation and air tightness called for by the Building Regulations, are likely to increase problems due to condensation - for example, a family of five can produce 50 litres of water vapour during a single evening?

Most people realise they have a damp problem when they see damp patches or damaged wall coverings, but the impact of damp can be far greater than aesthetic. Spores from mould, fungus or deteriorating building materials can cause respiratory problems such as asthma, which can be a problem for young or elderly people.

The other big impact of damp is energy loss. There is direct correlation between rising levels of moisture in a wall and its conductivity. Independent research conducted for Safeguard showed that a masonry wall treated externally with water-repellent cream can cut heat loss by up to 29%, for example.


TEL: 01707 394444 New Safeguard CPD seminar unlocks the mysteries of damp

Safeguard, which has been manufacturing and supplying damp-related products and systems since 1983, also looks at the development of damp proofing techniques from the 1950’s. The latest system, launched in 2014, sees silane rods inserted into drilled holes in a wall and gives the best result yet for chemical damp proof courses.

Replastering - a huge contributory cost to any rising damp remediation - is also tackled. Here new systems which use a salt-retardant primer and an adhesive which resists moisture and salt can be used with insulated plasterboard to save time and money.

Though many professionals dealing with repair and retrofit of buildings will have some knowledge of damp, its causes and potential solutions, Safeguard’s seminar promises to give a comprehensive briefing on the subject. And the better informed specifiers are, the better the end solution for the customer.

TEL: 01403 210204 52


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