Rooftop Parking increasingly popular

In 1987, Netherlands based manufacturer Zoontjens launched Pardak® ,

an innovative decking system for roofs accommodating intensive passenger car traffic and parking, based on tensioned precast concrete slab technology. Almost 2 million square metres have now been installed around Europe - and development continues with new ranges to meet the latest demands.

Rooftop parking is an increasingly popular design choice, making good use of wasted, high-level areas and freeing up much-needed open space on the ground for more attractive and appealing uses, adding value to our cities. But the technical challenges are complex, demanding dedicated expertise and a holistic, systematic approach. The Pardak®


can be used on most roof build-ups including warm, un-insulated and inverted roofs where it sits directly on the insulation so eliminating any cold bridging. It uses dry, prefabricated construction techniques for fast, safe installation, unaffected by most weather conditions - which can be speeded up even more using mechanised techniques such as vacuum- lifting machines.


The system consists of high quality, vacuum-formed concrete slabs supported on pressure distributor pads with adjustable tensioning elements. Pressure distributors at the corners of slabs absorb and distribute vertical and horizontal forces that occur when a vehicle passes over the parking surface and also reduce contact noise of the vehicle tyres. Then, bolts in the tensioning element are simply adjusted to close the slabs up, creating an integrated, homogeneous surface. Here, vertical, as well as horizontal forces exerted by vehicles braking, decelerating and turning, are distributed between several slabs. Each slab is profiled on the sides with drainage slots and supplied as standard with a raised diamond pattern. A reinforced version is also available to accommodate emergency vehicle access.


The regular pattern of surface grooves in the slabs and the pre-formed slots between installed slabs allow water to move rapidly off the surface without the need for falls, into the void below. Here, water runoff can be attenuated before discharge, as part of a SUDS strategy to meet the latest planning requirements for sustainable drainage in England. The surface remains free of water - and ice in cold weather - making it safe for both vehicles and pedestrians. The void below can also accommodate service cables with straightforward access when needed. The paving system protects the waterproofing membrane from UV, structural and other damage, while keeping it accessible, as individual slabs can be removed easily. In fact, the whole system can be rapidly dismantled and re-used where needed.


Examples of this impressive system include Westfield Stratford City - the largest urban shopping centre in Europe and the gateway to London’s Olympic Park - where around 15,000m2 Pardak®

90 were installed. The Pardak® replacing Pardak® of the well-established 110 range, developed in 2008 and 90, takes these principles further with improvements

to accommodate today’s increasing trafficking levels and heavier cars including SUVs. The main changes are considerably more effective tensioning elements, plastic corner pieces enabling accurate slab height levelling and increased slab sizes to a 1100mm x 1100mm grid. Pardak® 110 also gives substantially lower sound generation values, for example from shopping trolleys, due to a more intensive horizontal and vertical tensioning of the new system.

Zoontjens is also turning its attention to renovation and refurbishment projects, and lightly trafficked roofs such as office blocks and car dealerships. Here, the smaller and lighter Pardak®

80 system imposes

lower loads on the roof structure but has been designed to cater for the increased weights and dynamic power of today’s cars. The prefabricated and tensioned-slab paving system can also be installed quickly to minimise ‘down-time’ - particularly when machine-laid - while rejuvenating other damaged roofs. Finally a growing demand for rooftop paving that can handle heavy goods vehicles has led to the development of Pardak® XL, a driving surface consisting of 2 x 2 metre concrete slabs able to support 16 tonnes.


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From UK to France, almost 2 million square metres have now been installed around Europe.


Its capabilities are demonstrated at another Westfield scheme: the Broadway in Bradford, the fourth-largest shopping centre in the UK with some 13,000m2

of Pardak® . Westfield again chose Pardak®

Pardak® 80 is very suitable for car dealerships, because these roofs are lightly trafficked

for the

ongoing expansion of Westfield London. In Phase 2 the shopping centre is expanding by some 740,000sq ft of high-quality retail, residential and mixed-use space, 230,000sq ft of which are destined for a John Lewis flagship store. This expansion will also increase the car parking capacity from 4,500 to 5,300 slots, using the Pardak®

this will be the new Europe’s Largest Shopping Centre. NEW PRODUCT RANGES

110 system. After completion

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