Grass Paving Considerations

Today’s wide choice of grass paving systems means that Specifiers now have a massive choice of products and specification. As a supplier of grass paving systems for more than forty years, Grass Concrete see the need for a strict fit for purpose policy as the key to achieving sustainability in any construction project.

Take for example a car park in daily use; “will the grass cover and then the structure stand up to that sort of regime?”. If the application is to slopes, “will it function as an armouring layer and will it offer grip?”. These are the sort of challenging questions that should be asked to ensure a correct specification.

When considering a design, the potential planned use is critical to grass paving choice; cast on-site concrete, pre-cast concrete or plastic systems.

Consider the weight load impact, in most instances ground reinforcement failure often stems from either an inability to accept weight load or an issue of waterlogging causing loss of grass and weakened support.

“The paving will be rarely used” is one often used comment to drive down the specification to ‘affordable’ levels. Think however about the potential for unplanned heavy use as from refuse and skip vehicles. For fire appliances think about the need to support fire appliances on what is likely to be saturated ground conditions; emergency access roads must support the weight of the latest fire and access vehicles. The latest CARP vehicles (Combined Aerial Rescue Platforms) require developers to provide for minimum loads that shift from 12 to 13.5 tonnes detailed in the Building Regulations up to new figures that currently stand at 18 tonnes.

Its a growing concern to Grass Concrete that there are an increasing number of projects looking to replace failed areas of cellular plastic pavers with concrete alternatives. This re-emphasises the need for Specifiers to consider fir for purpose systems and sustainability of the product from the outset.

The sustainability of grass cover is best guaranteed by a system that promotes permeability whilst at the same time ensuring that this process is balanced and not prone to being over-reached in flash rainfall scenarios, the depth and shape of the soil pockets therefore has a critical part to play if grass cover is to be sustained.

Critical to performance will be the below ground conditions. For frequent trafficked grass paving Grass Concrete recommend a sub-base, the depth of the sub-base should be based upon the condition of the ground relative to the required bearing capability. Most circumstances will see a sub-base depth of 150mm as being sufficient, this should however be proportionately increased where CBR values of 4% or less are encountered.

Sustainable Urban Drainage and Flood Risk Precaution is paramount with planners and developers seeking to mitigate the implications of handling surface water run-off and its implications for the local storm water network, as well as introducing the prospect of rain water harvesting for ecological design.

With a long established track record of grass paving installations, Grass Concrete are uniquely placed to work closely with engineers and architects alike to recommend appropriate systems - Talk to the Experts.


But regular trafficked driveways are now widely built for added environmental benefits with Grasscrete or Grassblock for added strength with concrete understructure without putting added pressure on sewage infrastructure - Both Grasscrete and Grassblock offer water attenuation slow release to the water table.

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For commercial and housing developments in vulnerable flood risk areas Grasscrete is widely utilised for both its strong structural qualities up to 40 tonne traffic weight and natural SUDS qualities including water attenuation at a rate of 8m/second.

Attenuation ponds incorporated with Grasscrete help both with vehicle access on site and also help retain storm water, reducing the peak demand on main sewer infrastructure while at the same time gaining a landscaped amenity.

A cast on-site concrete system Grasscrete offers excellent grass coverage. The strong ground reinforcement qualities of concrete are essential where regular or heavy traffic is expected and grass growth can get quickly established in the deep soil pockets of the grid like structure. Perfect green vistas for commercial car parking areas.

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