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During a recent CPD we presented on ‘The Safe Use of Gas in Education’ a question was asked about the need for commissioning when our gas control systems were installed. The engineer asking the question had experience of our systems, understood they were designed to be simple to install and that with an LCD screen information was displayed clearly for installation diagnostics and user operation.

We spoke of the need for commissioning as laid out within the standards but also explained that for us at Medem, safety is always our primary concern and that within the gas industry we should never assume systems have been installed correctly no matter how simple they are to install.

There are many positives to commissioning, not just confirmation of correct operation.

For instance, where our systems are commissioned by a Medem engineer not only do we ensure the items are installed and operating correctly, double our industry leading 5-year warranty to 10-years, provide a 24 hour telephone support number but importantly we also check to ensure the correct system type is installed.

From the original site design to installation a specification can pass through several revisions, a change of design team, take several months and in some cases years before completion on site. This means that the originally designed use of a room or type of installed appliances may differ from the original concept, so the gas safety panel requirements may also now be different.

Classrooms that have changed from laboratories to home economics rooms, classrooms with brazing equipment or kilns that were not on the designs when the gas control systems were specified and chosen are just a couple of examples.

At Medem we develop and manufacture all our own products, this enables us to design flexibility into the gas safety systems so that we can enable or disable options during the commissioning to reduce or remove potential handover delays.

Talking to engineers, designers and end users, from reading and understanding current and upcoming legislation from relevant industry bodies means we are continually reviewing our system designs to ensure we provide an unrivalled level of quality and features.

Our newest systems have been designed to overcome specific on-site issues and risks.


Using the Medem patented differential pressure proving method, the SEC-Elite can pressure prove up to four individual gas lines in a room from a single panel. It can pressure prove a variety of gas delivery lines including natural/LPG and oxygen up to 10bar when supplied with the appropriate pressure sender unit. Low and high incoming pressure issues are monitored and reported on the LCD display.

If additional service control is required the panel can be configured to achieve this, enabling gas valve control without proving or water and electric isolation.

Controlling multiple gas supplies from a single panel reduces installation time and costs but also ensures a simpler control method for the teaching or operating staff.


Multiple gas detectors up to a maximum of eight can be monitored, including CO2, natural and LPG gases, carbon monoxide as well as oxygen depletion.

Isolation of gas will occur upon detection of the target gases at prescribed levels, demand controlled ventilation can also be achieved.


The AGDS-Elite is a modular gas detection system which can accept multiple gas detectors. With extender panels, monitoring of up to 32 detectors of different gas types can be achieved.

It has been designed to be flexible so, whether it’s a simple installation requiring one detector or a large system with a mix of gas detector types, alarm settings and remote indications.

Optional programmable relay panels providing Alarms & Fault conditions. For sensitive sites, there is a ‘double knock’ relay to only indicate if any two detectors in a particular zone enter a high alarm state.

Detectors can be set to monitor a peak alarm or a time weighted average with these levels adjustable at commissioning.

Car parks, battery stores, battery charging rooms, food processing, agricultural buildings, banks and secure buildings are all examples of where the AGDS-Elite has been installed to provide a comprehensive level of gas detection.

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