Who better than the Sugarhill Gang to get our campaign under way with a rapper’s delight down at Te Waterfront on the 1st. Master Gee, Hen Dog and Wonder Mike are back, and bringing Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio’s Furious 5 along for a classic ‘old school’ showdown.

Newcastle folk legends Lindisfarne disembark at St Andrews Hall on the 2nd. It may be June, but there could well be Fog on the Tyne. If you become lost or separated, meet me on the corner.

Originally with Eastbourne band Easyworld, David Ford has stood as an independent since 2004. He sincerely apologised for all the trouble he caused, but remains a brilliantly talented musician (as a further four solo albums will testify). Hear him at Norwich Arts Centre on the 3rd.

Only two days to go, and temperatures are rising. Sounds like a cue for some extremely fast Japanese grindcore. As

luck would have it Melt- Banana are booked at Norwich Arts Centre on the 6th. Yasuko Onuki and Ichirou Agata could well be the surprise candidates we have been waiting for.

Regardless of anything else that happens on the 8th, please REMEMBER TO VOTE. Afterwards you can pop down to Te Bicycle Shop where John Elliott of Te Little Unsaid will distract you with Imagined Hymns and Chaingang Mantras. And remember, tomorrow is just another day.

Whatever else is kicking off Jimmy Pursey and punk veterans Sham 69 will still be ripping up Te Waterfront on the 10th. Hurry Up Harry. Te Hersham Boys await you.

Tis is not so much a gig recommendation as a traffic warning. Expect severe congestion around Norwich City Football Club on the 15th and 16th. For two days only Gary, Mark and Howard of Take Tat will be turning



Flaming June arrives this year with its own distractions courtesy of the General Election. But we can pull together on this one. Life is too short to let a few politicians spoil the summer. Concentrate on Outline’s manifesto for the next thirty days and we can, and will, have our own party. So, ‘Vote Music’, and put a cross by each and every one of these dates in your diary.

the ground into a Wonderland. Just like it will be all next season. Te Bootie Call comes courtesy of All Saints.

Stand by for another Open House event at Norwich Open on the 17th. Eight bands in the Banking Hall (including Lightscape, Vaudevue and Te Everlaine), and five singer-songwriters in the Club Room. More local talent than you can shake a stick at. And all for less than the price of a couple of pints. Unless you drink milk.

Local favourites Dr Clyde perform a headline show at Epic Studios on the 23rd, where they will be joined by Wayne and Organisms. Tis could be the perfect prescription to kick- start your weekend.

Francis Rossi leads Status Quo back to the stage of the Nick Rayns LCR on the 25th for their first Norwich appearance since last year’s passing of long-serving rhythm guitarist Rick Parfitt. Te band have been rocking all over the

world since 1967. Te masters of the three-chord riff continue to influence entire generations of wannabe rock stars as well as being responsible for all our own drunken air-guitar heroics.

More legends take the stage at the Nick Rayns LCR on the 26th for one of the most anticipated gigs of the month. Wayne Coyne brings Te Flaming Lips to Norwich, following the release of Oczy Mlody, their fourteenth studio album. If you missed them at the UEA in 1999 (when they supported Mercury Rev), this is your chance to make amends. Or risk waiting another eighteen years.

Already known to many as lead singer with Norfolk alt-country band Morganway, Yve Mary B has concurrently built a loyal legion of fans whilst performing her own solo material. To celebrate the release of debut album High On A Mountain, Yve performs at Norwich Arts Centre on the 29th. Choose a mountain, and

bring it with you. Tere might be a prize for the highest person.

To end your month, and to ease yourselves into the festival season, select from these outdoor events on the 30th. Pick between cheeky chappie Olly Murs frolicking in the depths of Tetford Forest, or jostle with the jockeys to get a good view of Te Jacksons at Newmarket Racecourse. Be in the Right Place Right Time, or Blame it On Te Boogie. Te choice is yours.

Tere. We made it. We got through the second half of the month without even mentioning politics, and the world is still turning. July sees me heading south into the wilds of Suffolk with my pop-up tent for Latitude. Catch me by the bar and refill my plastic pint, or I’ll meet you by the long-drops to discuss the price of baby wipes. Until then, Happy Festivals.


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