02/06 My Life as a Courgette

Oscar nominated stop-motion animation from Switzerland about a young orphan called Courgette. After the death of the strangely-named boy’s mother, he finds himself in a foster home filled with other orphaned children. After struggling initially with his situation, Courgette finds friendship, trust and even love.

based drama about one bulldog’s dream of saving people money on their insurance. The start of a planned trilogy of movies (car, home, and travel), this one starts just before D-Day as Britain prepares to attempt to retake Nazi-occupied Europe. All they need are the right words to inspire them. Ohhhh, yes!


26/06 Heat

Mondays are the home of cult cinema at Cinema City, and the big screen is definitely the best way to see this stylish, violent thriller starring two of Hollywood’s most charismatic actors – Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Directed by Michael Mann, Heat is electrifying, perfectly paced, and tenser than Theresa May on a televised debate at a food bank.


09/06 Te Mummy

Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe star in this remake of the Universal monster classic, which is the first movie in the rebooted “Universal Monster Universe”. This time the Mummy is female, and the hero is a little person. Oh, hang on, nope. He’s just a short-arse. How short? Well, if Tom Cruise were a mummy, he’d be called Standsonas- Tep. I thank you.

Told over three points in his life (youth, adolescence and young adulthood), Moonlight is the tale of Chiron, an African-American gay man coming to terms with his own identity and sexuality in a crime ridden Miami. Beautiful, powerful and well deserved of its Best Picture Oscar.


Three girls are kidnapped by Kevin (James McEvoy), a man with 23 different personalities. They must discover which of Kevin’s personalities are sympathetic to their plight in order to escape their captor(s) before the impending arrival of a terrifying 24th personality. Actually pretty good.



16/06 Churchill Bryan Cox stars in this insurance-

Batman A Batman (Will Arnett) is an egotistical, millionaire playboy and superhero supreme. When The Joker (Zach Galifinakis) unleashes a seemingly endless wave of villains on Gotham, can Batman learn to accept the help of others in order to save the day? In the top three Batman films ever.

Fifty Shades

Darker I’m sorry readers, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. So I wrote a haiku based on what I do know.

Christian’s a pervert, Ana deals with Christian’s ex And there’s rude business.


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