Leaone, straight outta Beccles, lost his job and his girflfriend and got mugged all within a few days. That’s enough to send anyone home to spend a bit of time in your parent’s attic licking your wounds and writing some great melancholic pop songs which have started to be on picked up by national DJ’s and labels. A chorister as a boy, Leaone’s deep rich voice and heartfelt lyrics are sure to take him far. We spoke to him ahead of the launch at The Owl Sanctuary for his new EP, out on Fierce Panda later this month.

“I’ve never tried to write a song that I think people want to hear.”

young. What did that teach you, or inspire you to do in your future? It gave me that adrenaline buzz of preparing a show and performing to people. Often these concerts were to really large crowds, much bigger than any audience I sing to now! I think because there was a lot of travelling it opened my mind to what was out there. Growing up in a tiny village it is extremely enlightening when you realise there is so much more to see. It’s hard to know or remember how I felt at the time, when I was only a child. I think it probably did have some influence on my love for travel and how I feel more alive in a place that is unknown. I was really shy and almost mute as a kid so I imagine it did inspire me in some way, when I realised I could connect with people through song. You were in some trashy punk rock bands before going solo. How come you prefer being a solo artist than being in a band?


ou were a chorister, travelling around Europe when you were

I’m not sure if I prefer it but it’s just the way it’s turned out. I still have a live band, and we get together to practice in a rehearsal room, so it’s not overly different. Te main difference is in the timbre of the music I create on my own, which largely became quieter and mellower because of the surroundings in which it was made. I really didn’t want people to hear me so I stopped shouting and screaming and just sang much more quietly. You lost his job and girlfriend and was mugged in the space of a few days, came home to your parents in Suffolk and retired to their attic to write songs, resulting in some brave new tracks. Was this a cathartic experience for you? Yes. I think I totally write songs to deal with my emotions. It’s a totally selfish act. I’ve never tried to write a song that I think people want to hear. For some people it can be a drag when every song they hear is “you left me and I’m going to go on about it.” But it’s just easier to write a sad song than a happy one, and in a fucked up way its good when you have real life


experiences to draw from. Stereophonics’ collaborator Jim Lowe mixed your EP Goldtooth last October. What was that experience like for you? I met and hung out with Jim at Stereophonics’s studio in Shepherds Bush. It was really great to meet someone in the industry who is so grounded and true. No bullshit. In my experience that’s rare. We did go for a drink in some fancy industry members club where Sam Smith was getting papped, but it was literally only because it was somewhere we could go when everywhere else was shut. Have you had any interest from record labels? Is that something you’d be interested in? I’m working with Fierce Panda Records on the release of my debut EP. I’ve had a lot of interest from record companies and publishing companies, and been through lengthy negotiations that I’ve had to reject. It’s pretty laborious. But it just needs to be the right thing for both parties. I am looking for the right people to work with. I’m

ready. Tere’s only so much you can do on your own, and I would rather my own time was focused on writing. You’re launching your new EP, Oh MY Sweetest Sin with a headline show at the Owl Sanctuary on June 15th. What can we expect at your show? I’ll be playing all the songs from this first EP, plus some new ones that very few people have heard yet. I’ve got a great live band consisting of friends I’ve known for a long time and I’ve also picked some great support acts, Hydra Lerna and Finn Doherty. What’s next for you? My second EP Wild Horse Ride On will be following shortly. And for now I’m just pretty focused on writing and recording new material.

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INFORMATION Leaone headlines The Owl Sanctuary on 15th June. Tickets at £3 available on the door.

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