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We offer a full range of lab services for digital and film
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• Coffee table/story books
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• Canvas prints inknullt printers from all three
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• E6, B&W, C41 processing
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• Finishing services on MDF, PVC, foam boar
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10% discount
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for MPA members
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Focus on
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stunning new products including on behalf of customers for sale
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Atech is the UK’s leading supplier of photo-book
and seminars by a number of prices you setnullnullward nulltnull
manufacturing systems, and national sales and
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service agent for Chromira photo printers.
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Insurance Endorsed
by the
Atech offers its customers a 24 hour, 7 day a week
houses as
nessnullnull you are a professional nullenullom
after sales service, together with service contracts
Discounts available to
A Members
studios and
photographer wanting a prinullte Imagicam’s nullline Albums
to cover its whole range of photographic, digital
Towergate Camerasure looks after the insurance digital needs darkroomsnullof more professional
audience you will need to book will be unnulliling their intenull
printing equipment and finishing machines. All
photographers than any other broker in the

We pride

personal service to tailor the right insurance package to meet our clients' needs, from
a one to one session in adnullnce grated, brand new business
spare parts and consumables – such as laminates, newly qualified professionals to established
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by calling nullnullnullnullnullnull application at nullcus 2nullnullnullnullsays
inks, paper, films and slide mounts – are carried in As a part of the Towergate Group, the largest
of high
nullnullnullnulllnull Finnullnull is the company, nullefore you plump
stock for same or next day delivery.
Europe, we have the market strength to deliver highly competitive premiums.
Specialist covers for photographers include:
products from Quantum,
planning a beautiful enullibition for a runnullfnullhenullill online
• All risks including Accidental Damage and
We keep the photo labs YOU use for your vital
nullynullsh, nulleen
of images on its inknullt papers, proonullg solution, be sure to
• Public Liability
orders up and running to meet your deadlines
• Employers Liability nullean, nullalkstool, nullstomnull plus new products, special show
check out the great scope and
without compromising quality.
• Professional Indemnity
• Shoot / Production insurance
nullackets and nullnl Photo and
offers and a technical help desknull business support offered by the
PI from £60, and up to a 40% discount on will other covers be ginullng available a null to market MPA Members.
nullhnemuehle will be demonnull pioneers of online solutionsnull
Contact us to find your nearest lab offering
For a free no obligation quote, contact us debut on to a new Quantum Qnullsh
strating how to nullallery wrapnull nullnullta Imagnull nullools will be
Chromira prints or bound photo books and
nullrio model, new nullnl Photo
albums, or find out more about our products and
cannulls prints on to a stretcher featuring its newly launched
Tel: 0870 411 5511
nullter kits and other speedlite
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accessories, new folding camera
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Call 01707 373738 or email Towergate Camerasure products are underwritten by
brackets one of the UK's and largest two insurers new Norwich nullmbal Union
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ATECH LTD Towergate Camerasure is a trading name of Towergate Undeof rwritinnullponullaging g Group Limited. lighting accesnull
baryta paper with the high nullickly search and launch Acnull
15 Little Mundells • Welwyn Garden City • Herts AL7 1EW 31
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Calls may be recorded for training purposes
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