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nullattery power
Turn your flashgun into
a real professional tool
Even the most expensive, professional
on-camera flash is too slow to keep up
with your camera, stopping you shooting
fast when you need to! Quantum offers
seven battery packs for most requirementsnull
the TURBO 2x2 is the top performer with 700 full power flashes
and one second recycling, the TURBO SC is the smallest and lightest,
the TURBO COMnullnullCT fits under your camera and the popular
original TURBO holds its charge
the longest. nulle QBnullnull QBnull
and QB2 batteries halve your
normal recycling time and
provide hundreds of flashes!
PLUS these batteries are also able
to power many of today’s digital
FREE Quantum Qflash DVD Contains valuable information
and tutorials on how to get the best out of your Quantum Qflash.
Call or e-mail for your copy.
nullortanullle flash nullth a nullfferennulle
The Qflash Range
nullhe Qflash range consists of nullnullnullEE modelsnull
Qflash nullnullDnullRnull TnullDnullR annull Trionull
• nullortable and lightweight • nullowerfulnull up
to nullnullnullnull s • nullnterchangeable reflector
system • nullnullnull wireless using radio signal
The SpyderCube provided very accurate grey balance by sanullling
• nullnullnull wireless with nullikon and Canon nullnull
the lighter of the tnull grey facets enullving null unnullnted nullrnullh
remote control • nullanual from full
fronullthis shotnull The darnullcircle is a blacnulltrap for setting nulllevel. to nullnullnullnullth power in nullnullnull steps
• nulluto and nulltroboscopic mode
null’s nullted with a brass tripod nullnull is already nullry neutralnullnull
• nullse nulln or nullff Camera
thread so you can place it in an nullst don’t own any printer old
• nullast choice of battery
and mains power.
open scene, mounted on your enough to output poor nullality
tripodnullnullmething nullst tells me blacksnull
Qflash means beautiful,
studio-quality lighting from
that although this gadget with null you use third party ink
a portable, battery operated
its neat little nullger strap and cartridges or unusual paper
flash. nullhe latest technology allows remote control of one or several
chromium ball ornament adds to stock, custom pronulling is almost
Qflashes in nullnullnull, manual, auto and stroboscopic mode nullnullnull a fully
the nulludio null kit, a good colour essentialnullnullmainly use nullson interchangeable reflector system make this system unique!
test target and grey card would papers, and nullonly use nullson inknull
To find out more about the Quantum Qflash, Qpanull & Qnullxus,
hanull been of more nullluenull nullwenullr, that was not my
and the Qflash nullanullmy please see our website.
main barrier to testing Print
nullnullt Snull nullnullMy nullson nullnull decided it The Qflash TRnull is a hot-shoe
had a permanent low ink light
mounted flash for Canon and nullkon
Datacolor are nullry honest about on for no apparent reason, and
cameras! nullll power flashes all day
long in nullnull manual or auto. nullowered
the print pronulling functionnull also wouldn’t communicate
by nullnullnull urbo battery. nullilt-in
nullch is the nullality of today’s with the new iMacnullAnd, more
transceiver, interchangeable reflector
sinullto eight colour pigment ink to the point, while nullhad some
system and high-speed synch.
printers that downloadable nullnull new papers nullcould pronulle there
pronulles will nearly always do a were not enough in the sample
perfect nullbnull packsnullnull, nullll continue with
nulley say the great strength the Print null kit nenull month null
of the pronulling nullwhich uses a hopefully hanullng got the nullson
The T nullnull
separate handynullhaped spectronull working properly with the Mac
controls any
photometer nullis to create nullnull again nullusing some new papers
amount of
pronulles for monochrome printnull from nullnson nullnullitynullnulley do,
Qflash units up to nullnullmetres away in nullnull
ingnullnull’s black and white output of course, pronullde downloadable
nullnual, nullto or nullrobo mode.
which shows the effect mostnull colour pronulles and it will be innull
nullis ginulls me a problem, benull teresting to compare the resultsnull
Contact the importer for full technical details, prices and
list of dealers: or tel: 01202 733123
cause with the multiple blacks nullDnull
of the null inkset my nullson Á
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