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euro stars
nulle father and son team of null nullis nullardia nulleinado and nullse nullis nullardia nullnulluenull
opened nullression International in anada null in nullnull. null nullis became nullropean
nulledding nullotographer of the nullear with the Fnull nulland then took the overall
professional title. Between them, father and son have taken null international
awards on three continents in the last year.
lthough nullression
nullternational was
founded early last year in
nullanada, nullain, the company’s
founder nullnullis nullardia Peinado
has been in the audionullsual
and adnullrtising sector for onullr
twenty years, ennullying great
prestige in the photographic
nulle company is led by null nullis
and nullse nullis nullardia Vnullnullenull
his sonnulle null tranulll to anywhere
in the world to make wedding
sessionsnull null nullis told usnulle’null null
done photo shoots in Paris,
nullme, nullndon, nullsbon, Venice,
nulltanbul amongst other cities null
and also in nulldia, in the city of
Agra, and the nullal Mahalnull
nulln the past year the two of
us hanull earned 24 international
awards on three continents
nullurope, America and Australianull
nulle became the most awarded
nullanish photographers internanull nullovenullnullhanullra. nullcolade of Enullellence in nullPnullnullnullnullnullnulld nulllf Print Conulletition of nullnull and
tionally of 2nullnull nullP nulledding nully J. Luis snr.null nulllonull Coliseunullby Jose nullr. nullnourable nullntion in nullternational
nullurrently, besides conducting Photography nullards nullPnull of nullnullYornulland nullPnull nulledding Photography Contest Fall nullnull of nullnull
photo shoots, we are starting to nullghtnullnullach nullide by Jose nullr. nullcolade of Enullellencenullin nullPnullnullnullnullnullnulld nulllf Print Conulletition of
plan a series of workshops for nullnulland nullPnull nulledding Photography Contest Fall nullnull of nullnull
null nullis gained the Qnull nullualinull
nulld nullropean Photographernull
distinction in nulleddings, nulldged
in nullussels by the nullderation
of nullropean Photographers, in
nullse nulluniornullwas a nullalist in
the nullP nullropean Pictorial Phonull
tographer of the nullear categorynull
nullnullis senior won nullP nullropean
nullcial Photographer of the nullearnull
nullnally, he took the top award,
nullropean Professional of the
nullression nullternational gained
two nullnourable Mentions in
the nullternational Photography
Awards nullPAnullof nullw nullork, and
nine Accolades of nullcellence in
the nulledding and Portrait Phonull
tographers nullternational nullnullnullnull
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