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onullnull Focal nullonullt nullnullom nullunullnull Sunulle null
Mnull nullMPnull image showing
the enullrbitant cost of a return
nullmm at null.7 – nullt enullunull nullur enullect
ticket from nullrwick to nullndon
starts out with a little lens
blur nulla central sharp nullne,
and some falloffnullnullt it is not
nullre is my problem thoughnull
null was taken at full aperture
ages to prenullew enullry adnullstnull
nullfnullnull nullon a nullmm lensnullnull
ment enulln on a nullry fast iMacnull
shows the angle nullwant on the
nulle onnulle nullcal Point 2 nullter
tickets, and the compositionnull
is resolution independentnullnullou
nulley are not nullite nullt on to
can create the nullnes of blur on
the cameranullnullt short of using
any sinull of nulle without worrying
a tiltnullhift lens or my nullnsnullby
about depth maps nulleffectinullly,
null nullneither of which will do
it ginulls you nullathering with a
enullctly what nullwant nullnullm stuck onnullenulls Focal Point nullplugnulln allonull you to blur inullges nullnally
radius of thousands of pinullls
with not enough blur effect nullth great control. null sinulllates the effect of lens blur including the
if you need it, and nullur on the
despite shooting wide opennull aperture shape. nullnulls ideal for nullrnullng on full sinull inullge nulles too.
same scalenull
nulle larger nullrsion shows the
picture after nullst a minute of
controlled adnullstment using
The same nullanull processenullusnullnullFocal nullonullt nullonulla null1null pnullel wnulle nulle nullr nulltural
onnulle Plugnulln nullite nullnullcal
lenull-lnulle nullur wnullhout creatnullnullnullpth maps, onullanull snulle onullnullnulltal nullanull
Point 2 with Adobe Photoshop
null4nullnullhanull denulled a pronull
tected nullne which more or less
matches the plane of sharpest
focus, then added a gradual
blur using the nullgnette function
nullhich nullgnettes the blurring,
not brightnessnulland selecting a
sinullblade lens aperturenull
nullou can see how the edge of
the rightnulland ticket gradunull
ally gets more blurred in a nullry
natural way which looks as if a
real lens was usednull
null is nullry hard to achienull the
same effect using nullussian nullur
or nullur More in Photoshop, but
there is a nullns nullur function in
the nullters of recent nullrsions and
it looks pretty similarnull
nullnull used it for the bottom
enullmplenullnullt there is a catchnull Photoshop needs an update
nulldid this using a nullnullm
nullotoshop CSnullnullenull nullurnullnullrsnullnullwas lnullnullenull
to feather and blur radius limits
wide nullnullpi image nullnullst big
to anull1null0 pnullel wnulle nulle nulle to the null0 pnullel
now that we regularly use nullnull
enough for an nullnullnull printnullAnd
maxnullum nullathernullnullnulllue
null4nullnullpinulll nullesnull
Photoshop’s nullather command nullcal Point 2 does enullrything
for the onulll selection nullmade to any Pnullnull4 nullackage’ nullter does,
get the nullne only allows 2null and more, with a better control
pinullls as a radius, and that’s interface and natinull nullnullit
what nullusednullnullou simply can’t speednull
get the effect on a large image null’s part of the onnulle Plugnulln
nulle, say for a full page or a 2null nullite nullpack which is anullilable
nullnullnullprint, without creating a from MPA, nullcall nullnull2nullnullnullnull
Depth Map null shaded greyscale or nullsit the stand Q24 at nullcusnull
channelnull Apart from that, the – null
Photoshop nullns nullur nullter took Ì
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