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null4m also uses internal focusing and ginulls a wider angle of nullewnull
Vnullperformance is claimed to be impronulld nullhandnulleld shots show
no loss of sharpness and itnull a nullsually unobtrusinull system, showing
nullkonnull dedication to making this a genuinely pronullriendly featurenullnull
doesnnull suffer from the familiar swimming image effectnull
nullatenullr changes nullkon hanull made, the result is stunning image
nullalitynullAt 2nullmm wide open at innullity, there is the tiniest hint
of softness across the imagenullAt null, nullrecommend the use of steel
gauntlets when handling this lens, as it’s denullstatingly sharpnullAll
of the criticisms lenulllled at the prenullous nullnull2null hanull been thornull
oughly addressednullnullrners are sharpnullout of focus is out of focus, not
smeared by aberrations which only show up in defocused planesnullnulle
bokeh is a little crisp on distant subnullcts, but generally pleasing on
closer subnullctsnull
nullis renullew saw me borrowing a Dnull and spending some of time
nullonulleh at nullnullnullnullnull and nulloderate apertures is fairly snulloothnull nullnull, above,
peering at nullnullnulldetails of dull winternullay landscapes in order to
shonulls good foreground bonulleh, slightly nulliry bacnullground. nullnull and
nulldge the performance of the lensnullnullam sure that a future enulln
nullininullunull focus, belonull, shonulls hardly any doublenulledged defocusing.
higher density null camera will be accommodated by this lensnull
At null,nullnullnullP and unlikely to dip below null,nullnullfrom any nonnull
grey reseller, you could buy three nullgma or nullamron enullinulllentsnullnulle
Vnullnull still has some competition from the remaining stocks of the Vnull
at about null,4null, but based on the results with the new lens, nullreally
think that if you’re in for that much you’d be illnulldnullsed to stop
short of the Vnullnullnull – Rnull
nullotnotenullCanon have also revised their nullnullnullnullm nullnullnullnull uses
forward group internal focusing and has a better closenullp distance of
nullnullnullif nullu are close to subnullcts and can’t control their movementnull
that nullnullnullm can be importantnullespeciallnullif nullu are using focus
prioritnulland the shutter manulllock if focus is not achievednullCanon has
also chosen to remove the locknullunction buttons from their new lensnull
nulle’ve had a brief look at a prenullroduction sample onlnullnull– null
Professional Inkjet
papers from Fujifilm
Capturing the spirit of classic photographic techniques,
Fujifilm’s new Fine Art Fibre Baryte Gloss 310gsm paper
brings your photographs to life. The paper’s premium look
annullfeelnullarchinulll tenullure annullrich, nullep tones mean you
can pronullce stunningly nullnullnullprints.

null if you want true tranulltional photographic feel at nullgital
speenull use Fujifilm.
nullThe Fine nullt Fibre nullryte nulloss is the
only paper which allows the nullpth
annullintensity of print I nullmannull null
nullc nullunt nullnull
The choice of the professionals
nullail, call 01234 572 136 or nullsit for more nulltails
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