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Samsunullnulls slnullnullmemory menulla
Yes, null nullonullyou buy on price,
AnullnullDnullmaking the modules for other big names, nullmsung has
capacity and speednullbut these
stripped the tacky label off to renullal their own brushed metal casing
are enullnulllary cards for design
for nullmpactnullash, null and Micronull cardsnullnullth resilient rubbery pronull
and durability.
tectors for pocketing the smaller cards, which also hanull a watertight
and dustproof design resisting shock and magnetic nulllds, the null
card is the odd one out in being more connullntionalnullnullen so, with a
2nullnullspeed nullhey call it nullouble nulleed’, enullal to nullass nullin the nullnull
Mnullnullit transfers nullMnulls reliably, with good write times not nullst
fast readingnullnullmited to nullnullat the moment, the nullmsung cards will
hanull more appeal to photographers in larger capacitiesnullnullamined
under a magninullr, they really are well madenullMy nullesco card reader
destroyed a plastic Peak null cardnullnullese are simply betternull – null
nullnulllnullhts promnulle to chanulle how we shoot
null null nullarly days yet’ but our there in the world of nulldeonullapable
Dnullnull something is stirring nullusers want an alternatinull to nullshnullnulle
solution is on its way with nullD lighting, and if you hanull nullnull or
more to spare, you can enulln get nullD replacements for softbonulls in
the studionull
nullere are two particularly interesting nullD light sources you can
buy for around nullnullnullnullnulle of these nullt the lower end of the scalenull
is the nullby nullrillatorch, rightnullnull comes from photo distributors null
tro2null2null and the nullrillapod is already familiar to photographersnullnullis
is a small pod with a singlenullnull ultra high brightness lamp, running
from three AAA cells and focused by a nullciously efnullient parabolic
spot renullctornull
nullou can get some idea of the sharpness of the focused spot for
macro work from our studio shotnullnullt what this does not connully is
that the torch neatly illuminates a single person nullike a spotlight for
stage, but a little softernullfrom nullnullmetresnullnullt only that, the light is
bright enough for nulldeo or high nullnullstillsnullnull’s stage lighting in lenulllnull
nulle nullrillatorch has something the nullmsung memory cards can
resist nullthree powerful neodymium magnets in its feet, enabling it to
cling to cars or fridgesnullnullis is why the nullrillatorch is banned from
our camera bags nullor going anywhere near DnullnullnullMemory cards
may be proof against magnetic nulllds, but nullM motors, Vnullimage nullovenullGorillatorch nullth
stabilisers, camera nullnull, imaging sensors and countless other parts enullrenull focused ponullr.
of your null,nullnullcamera kit are nullnull
nully it, use it, but keep the nullrillatorch well away from anything
electronic nulland your watchnull
nulle second nullD light source is a nullshnullhoe friendly nulldeo light
now nulloding the market from nullina under many namesnullnull is dimnull
mable, and the one we bought has the big bonus that it runs off AA
cells or from the same nullny nullfonullthium used in our camerasnullMaybe
there’s one out there which uses nullkon or nullnon lithnullons, but we
hanull not seen it yetnull
nullis nullnullnullD light is amanullngnullnulle nullality is daylight balanced,
Canullranullop LEnullvideo or closenullp light source nullfronullenully vendor
and it comes with two frosted diffusers nullone clear, one connullrting
in China, about nullnullnullth shipping, linullly to get cheaper.
to tungstennullnulling it in a domestic tungsten situation added enough
soft light to shift from needing nullnullnullnull for handnulleld shots at
fnull, to needing nullnullnullnull it put about two stops of enullra light into a
portraitnullroup distance shotnull
nullt this light is far more useful for nulldeo, and for macro or
closenullp stillsnullnullcause it is cold it is not hostile to linullng thingsnullnulle
estimated null minutes on sinullAA cells is onullrnullptimistic, and on the
null2nulllithnullon it runs dimmer and for maybe 4nullminutes onlynull
nullese nullD lights are pioneersnullnullait a year or twonull – null
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