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Snullma null-70mm null.nullEnullnull nullM
null nullnullnulltested the new nullgma 24nullnullm nullnull with its hypernull
sonic focus motor nullenullinulllent to Anullnullor nullM nullon the nullkon Dnull
nullmething nullst wasn’t agreeing with the lensnullslightly out of focus
edge details were looking roughnullnullt there were reports that the
nullgma agreed well with nullnon full frame sensors, and when a null
Mknull arrinulld for further enullluation nullpecinullally, to test the new nulldeo
functions enabled by a nullmware updatenullwe asked for a second copy
to try on the nullnonnull
null doesn’t make sense, as the lenses should be identical, but on
the null Mknull the nullgma 24nullnullm didn’t produce the same degree
of sagittalnulleridional inenullality in outer nullld defocused detail wide
opennullnull could well be down to a difference in the way the lens
interacts with the microlenses of the two nullry different full frame
nulle nullgma is certainly not a cheap option nullit’s the better part
of null null nullbut the makers’ own lenses are getting on for twice the
street pricenullAlso, for nullkon users the 24nullnullm nullis a bit of a huge
weapon to thrust at portrait sittersnullnulle nullgma, though it has a bignull
ger nullmm front nullter thread rather than nullmm, is a nullry compact
lens by comparison and balances much better on the cameranull
nullile the outer nullld sharpness at nullnull to nullnull was still not as
good as we would enullect from a nullnon or nullkon lens, the central
sharpness enulln at full aperture is hard to faultnullnulled on a DnullAPnullnull
body, this lens becomes a nullmm nullnull enullinulllent with nullwless corner
to corner performance wide opennullnullr anyone who can remember
nullmm nullnull lenses on nullm, they were actually a great choice for
weddings nulland 24nullnullm lenses hanull been popular on the small
digital sensors for the same reasonsnullnulloups with no risk at all of
distorted faces at the edges, full lengths and portraits no problemnull
null full frame, the new 24nullnullm is no worse than the best earlier
lensesnullif you own an older nullkon or nullnon, not the latest nullrsions,
the nullgma will probably be a step upnullnull you own or can afford the
latest nullwell, it doesn’t matternullnulle nullM focusing allows fullnullime
manual focus nullt emulates the best type of Anullnullor nullM, not the
more restricted sonic motor designsnull null’s nullry fast, accurate and sinull
lentnullnulle build nullality is good, the pronullded case and strap and petal
bayonet lens hood all complete a packagenullnullou may wish to add a
nullter, and nullmm is an enullensinull sinull, especially if you also need to
source a new polarisernull
nullr nullnon owners, full frame or APnullnull a great buynullnullr nullkon,
try it and seenullwe hanulln’t tested on a Dnull and the way the 24
megapinulll sensor responds may be better than the nullnull – null
nullen fullnullextended to nullnullmnullthe nullgma nullhown with hood removednull
is no monsternull
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