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Focus on Imaging will make next month the March of progress!
Moving a couple of weeks later from its former chilly February calendar slot, it
promises to be a great start to Spring for the photo industry in Britain.
ocus on nullaging is on tarnull
get for yet another record
attendance, with nullst under
null,nullnullwebsite hits recorded
by the end of December, and a
programme of enulllasts to prenullnull
ously registered nullsitors in handnull
nulle show attracted a record
null,2null of them last yearnull
nullt it’s not nullst nullsitor internull
est which is pointing towards
another success for nullrope’s
biggest annual imaging industry
enullibitionnullnullow organiser Mary
nullalker has been taking stand
bookings from companies across
the imaging industry spectrum
nullregulars and show newcomnull
ers, supernationals and nulldgling
businesses, companies from
around the world as well as
from the nullnull
nullcus is nullrope’s biggest
annual imaging industry enullnt, The nullnullstand nullnullnullll again feature Guy Gonulln nullas nullll as nullnnullvan nullooten
and opens in nulllls nulland nullnullof
the nullnullon nullnday, March nullhnull
Many nullcus enullibitors keep
their plans for the show up
their corporate sleenulls until
much closer to the day so the
message is keep an eye on the
nullcus websitenullnullme hanull been
telling us about their plansnullnull,
in alphabetical ordernull
The exhnullnullors
nulllumnull’s two stands promise a
fresh new look and great show
Cansonnulls nenullnullryta nullnullnullsnull
deals, backed by enulleptional
paper is designed to loonulland
stock lenullls for the duration of
nullbunulloptions fronullColornullrld nullnullere Seldenullnullets nullnaissance feel linull a traditonal print
the shownullnulleck out nullnd checknull
outnull nullwens, nulllumet, nullnon,
nullnson launch two new gloss lenulll on the market, again Artistic Albums they can offer
nullirol, nullson, nullnulle, nullstolite,
papers in their nullnullity rangenull meeting nullnullnullnullnullnull is compatnull nullnaissance Digital albums with
nullkon, Pocketnullnullrd, Profoto,
nullryta Photographinulle nullnullnullsm, ible with pigment and dye inks, either genuine leather conullrs
nullnnheiser, nullny Professional ,
optimised for pigment inks, is instant dry and water resistnull or using the conullrs anullilable in
nulleadicam, Velmenulland morenull
offers the look of an original ant, handling up to nullnull dpi the nullldenullswatch setnullnullldenull
nullperts will also be on hand to
darkroom baryta print and with a wide colour gamutnullnulle has become nullry popular in the
adnullse on all aspects of image
meets nullnullnull null for museumnull wwwnullansoninnullitynullomnull null onullr the last few years due
capture and output including
grade longenulltynull ater resistant nulllonullonullnull will be presentnull to the uninulle feature of being
professional nulldeonullnulllumet says
and instant dry, it has high ing their range or popular able to minullmatted pages with
it will pronullde costnullffectinull
black density and sharpnessnull nullnaissance Digital Albums nullsh mounted pages all in the
facilities for customers ordering
Photo nullghnulloss Premium null with a wider range of conullnull same albumnullnullere are a huge
larger items that they may not
nullnullgsm, an ultranullhite resin ersnull nullw that nulllorworld is range of conullrs to choose from
wish to carrynull
coated paper, has the highest the null Distributor for nullldenull as well as a large range of mat
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