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See you all at Focus – NEC, March 7th-10th
The Master Photographers Association
nullbilee nullusenull1 nullancery nullnenullnullrlinnullon null1 nullnull P
op along to the Master Photographers Association stand Q24
where there’s a free educational lecture programme throughout
the show and the opportunity to buy the latest professional
training and educational DVDs, books and much morenull
null the stand there will be a programme of talks throughout the
whole of nullcus nullnday to nullednesdaynullnullwo star speakers nullnullnk nulln
nullienullEnullcutive nulllin nullcnullnullnnullnullnullnullnullpnull
nullooten and nully nullwan nullwill feature in the open lectures, which
nullelnull0132null3nullnullnull enullailnullnullanullpaunullconull
are freenullnull’s been standing room at past shows, but there are seats
anullilable for early birds or those who need themnull
President nullsi nullntaine nullnullnull
nullat to the nullad nullnulle team about the benenulls of membership

elnull020 null43 3333
which include nullalinullations, mentoring, Diploma in Photographic
nulltional nullairman nullrenullr null nullnulls nullnnullnullnullnullnullpnull nullonsnull
nullelnull013null 710nullnull trevorlenullisnullnullnullbtinternet.conull
Practice, seminars and training, the lowest credit card merchant
rates in the industry, Master nullotographnullmagazine, free website
Hon. Treasurer nullrenullnulloth nullnnullnullnullnull
directory listings and much morenull
nulle MPA, which also operates the null’s longest running nullby Phonull
tography programme nullnullerubs, takes pride in the fact that it is the
nullEGnullnullnullnullL CnullnullTnullCTS
only null trade body that insists its members are fullnullime photogranull
DaviD P MacDonalD FMPa Fiona nicHoll lMPa WaWnullnull ilnullinS lMP a phersnull
81a High Street Pnullple Ponullgranullte Stnullios creatinull loonullnull The Stnullio
Ware 1null Prinulle conullort nullanull 2nullMainullStnull Penullronull Sanull nullnP
null you are not, Afnulliate MPA membership is anullilable for those
Herts SG12 9lG Gatesheanullnnull nullS Telephonullnull nullnullnullnull2222
Telephonullnull null92nullnullnull9null Telephonullnull null91 null122null Fanull nullnull nullnull2null
who plan to go fullnullime within three yearsnullPhotographers who
wish to nullin, may do so during the show but you’ll need to contact
MPA nullad nullnulle in adnullnce for the enullct print renullirements null2nullnull
nullinullnullnullH WHiTnull aMPa lnullDia Tanullonullnullonnull aMPa nulliTH cTnull iS aMPa
Monulllenull nullnullnullnull8 null8 Sprinull vale Stnullionull nullnullnullnullanull nullith cnulltis Photographnull nullnullnullnull nullou can also apply for membership at the show and submit nullgnullrthnull nulloltonull Ponulllls Farnull Plaitnullrnull nullnullenull
lanullashire nullnullnullanull Hanullshire Sonull nullnull
for nullalinullation at a later datenull
EAST MIDLANDS Telephonullnull null2null 8nullnull2 Telephonullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
nulllinulloSWin aMPa
nullere will be nullcentiate nulldging at the shownullnullr this, you will
Glenullale lonulle
1 nullnullnulllinull nullanull SCOTLAND WEST MIDLANDS
need a panel of 2nullprints and the content will depend on your spenull
nullnullnulllinull Garnullnull DaviD nullnullnullnulllMP a clainull lonulliSnull aMPa
cialisation nullfor the full rules, contact Amanda at null on the abonull
Marnullelnull 11nullGranullonullnullanull claire lonullse Photographnull
leinullstershire lnullnull9null nullinullnullgh nullnullnulle 1nullnullanullnullnullnullanull
numbernullnullfore receinullng your nullPA nullalinullation you must also
Telephonullnull nullnullnull2nullnullnull Telephonullnull nullnull null2 null21 Sonullhanull Monulllenull null9nullnullnullnull22 Warnullnullshire complete the MPA Diploma in Photographic Practicenullthis can be
info@Davidbryce.Com cvnull 1Hl
GREAT WESTERN Telephonullnull null92null811 2null done before the nulldging, or for newly nullined members whose prints
MicHanulll nullicH lMPa SOUTH EAST
nullProspenull lanull Davnull coSnullnS lMPa
are of the renullired standard, after nullcus on nullagingnull
Franulltonullcotterell Photogenullnullinullges ltnull YORKSHIRE
nullristol nullSnull 2Dnull 18 The anullnullenull anullesnullrnull Panulll Halnullnull FMPa
Telephonullnull nullnullnullnull881null nullnull Mnullnullnulllnull Thornullnullronullnull nullranullornullnull
Focus MPA nullalinullation Junullingnull Telephonullnull nullnull2 nullnullnull nullst arnulllenull
Monulllenull null9null nullnull12 Wanullnulllnull nullcentiate nulldging nullualinullation not Assessmentnullnull
LONDON & ESSEX West nullornullhire WFnull2Dnull
ManullTin nullanullnanull lMP a Telephonullnull null1null nullnullnull nullnday nullh March nullpm onwards
12nullHigh nullanull SOUTH WEST
nullenulleetnull nullsenullSSnullnullln GnullG caMnullonnullanull aMPa Monday and nulluesday nullnullh March nullnullnullm onwards
Telephonullnull null2null nullnullnull The Portrait Honulle The Menullnull Dnullnullate St
Assessment nullot QualinullationnullAssociate nullnullllowship null
Dornullester DT1 1nullnull
Telephonullnull nullnullnull2null211
Monday nullh March nullith nullenulln nulllsonnull
nulluesday nullh March nullith Desi nullntainenull
Assessments are by appointment only, call null
nullnullnull PnullnullnullRnullnull nullnullnullRnullnullnull null
ISSN 2042-0234 Vol 7 No 1 published for the membership of
Adnullcent to the MPA stand, in the space prenullously occupied by the
The Master Photographers Association
ten times each year by
nullPP, are photographic insurance specialists nullnsonullr nullwdennullnullth
Icon Publications Limited
their Photonullield brand they are manullr sponsors of the Master Phonull
Maxnullll nullacenullMaxnullll nullnenullnullelsonullScottish nullrders nullnull7null tography Awards and one of the two appronulld insurance pronulldersnull
nullasterphotography.conull, dphotoenullpert.conull, photoclubalpha.conull
for MPA membersnull
Editor – David Kilpatrick Hon. nullPA nullIPP
nullelnull01null3 22null32 Mobilenull07null1 2null7null
nullitor of Master nullotographnull Danulld nulllpatrick will be at nullcus on
Monday and nulluesday nullif you hanull a story to tell, or pictures which
Advertising – nullchard Kilpatricknullnull Media
might make a conullr or portfolio, email editornullconpublicationsnullom
Scotland nullarmnull null2 nullrannullley nullanenull Northnulleldnull nullirminnullham null31 nullSnull
nullelnull0121 47null744nullMobilenull07null1 nullnullnull
to arrange a meetingnull
A nulltional Archinull of nulledding and nullcial Photography is to be ofnull
Icon Publications Ltd can accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to photographs and manuscripts
submitted, however caused. Responsibility for insurance and return carriage of equipment submitted for
nullially launched at nullcus by newlynullormed company nullpia Quillnullnullis
review or test rests with the owner. Views expressed in this magazine are those of the individual connull
tributors and do not necessarily represent the views and policies of nulle nullster Photographers nullsocianull
sernullce is being set up with the assistance of the nullelsh Assembly
tion, Icon Publications Ltd or its advertisers. nulll technical data and pricing information contained in
nullnullrnment, and will be anullilable to enullryonenullProfessional and
news and feature articles is printed in good faith. nullile all advertising copy is accepted in good faith,
neither Icon Publications Ltd or the nullster Photographers nullsociation can accept any legal responsibilnull
amateur photographers who will hanull specialist sernullces anullilable
ity for unnullstinulld claims or the quality of goods or services arising from advertising in this publication.
nulll contents including advertising artwornullcreated by Icon Publications Ltd are copyright and cannot
from the archinullnull
be reproduced by any means without prior permission. nullnullnullIcon Publications Ltd. nullnull.
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