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The nullnulln nullnullnullnullnull
null version null is a
blacnulllens nullth a
slightly retro loonull
tapering sharply at
the nullunt end.
Nnullonull70-null0mm null-S null.null Enullnullnull
nullnullnull’null outgoing nullnull2null nullnull Vnullennullyed a minulld reputation third party lenses offer
amongst photographers, partly due to the Dnullonly nullkon digital era nullnullnullor nullnullnull and as
ending with the Dnull Dnullnull and Dnullnullnullilst it was intended for full close as nullcm focus nullenulln
frame nullm or digital, and performed brilliantly on the small sensors, the outgoing VnullMknulloffers
digital full frame null renullaled some issues with conullrage corner to nullnullnullimage scale at nullnullnull
cornernull null keeping out of the
nullwo years after the nullst null body debuted, a new nullnull2null was annull pseudonullacro closenullp
nounced, the nullkkor nullnull2nullmm Anullnullnullnullnullnull Vnullnullnullnullth an nullP range, nullkon hanull pronull
of null,nullnull the strong nullen doesn’t helpnullnulle enullrnullhattering forum duced a lens which may be
nullenullertsnullsoon found a lot to type about this new lensnullnulleckles null uninullenullits angle of nullew
renullctions of casting imperfections inside the lens from manufacturnull does not change much as
ing nulland shortening of the manullmum focal length at close focus your follow focus a subnullctnull
distances were picked on from the startnull nulle stunningly fast focus in
After an accident with my nullgma nullnull2nullmm left me without a tracking continuous mode
lens for some weeks, nullended up adding the nullkon lens to an order maintains the background
for a Dnull replacing my Dnullnullhich sold nullry nullicklynull composition whether the
nullitial impressions are of a large barrel of a lens with a sudden subnullct is nullfeet or null feet
narrowing for the mount, rather than the elegantly tapering design awaynullnulle focal length
of the prenullous modelnullAt nullnullg, it’s not light, though the usual shifts dramatically, as low
professional build nullality can certainly acnull as nullnullm at null4mnullthere is
count for that with a solid metal construcnull some full aperture
tion throughoutnullnulle rotating tripod collar nullgnetting at
is permanently nulled to the lens but sports close disnull
a detachable foot with a nullry easy to use tancesnullnullt
locking mechanism, ideal for nullickly deploynull my nullkon
ing a monopodnullnulle focus lock buttons are nullnullm
no more, nullkon hanullng decided that with Dnullat
nullnullselectable Anullpoints, you don’t need to
focus and recompose nullnd there is still a
lock button on the body for when you donull
nulle tripod collar is the only black nullore
grey, reallynullmark on the ergonomics, as with the nullom and focus
grips positioned well forward, you naturally support the lens with
your palm aft of the nullom and the Vnulland nullcus switches under
your thumb nullthe collar’s mount interferes with this and for optinull
mum handheld comfort, you want to spin it around to the nullopnullof
the lensnullnullth the foot in place, the lens and Dnullsit perfectly lenulll
suggesting that with a monopod it’ll be a particularly stable combinull
nulle nullnull2null Vnullnull internal focus mechanism is near the centre of
the lens, when most lens manufacturers opt for a forward group for
focus nullnulln if there’s a nulled element at the nullry frontnull nulle manullnull
mum subnullct scale at close focus is only nullnullnullas a result of this
designnullnulle closest Anulldistance is now null4m nullnullnullusing Mnull but
nullovenullat null.nulland nullnullnull a
hint of vignetting is visible in
overcast conditions..
Leftnullvery sharp at null.null close
focus also shonull really snulloth
transition to out of focus
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