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Mecmesin announces new friction, peel, tear tester


ecmesin has launched a new horizontal friction peel and tear tester. The FPT-H1 is designed for

ease of use and supplied pre-programmed for all the main industry standard friction-testing methods for plastic films, paper and board.

Suitable also for peel quality testing of labels, seals and closures, and for perforations and tear strength of sheet materials, the FPT-H1 presents convenience and high throughput.Affordable for the smaller user,

it is also robust and reliable for the

more demanding environment. With Mecmesin’s powerful Emperor™ software for control, data acquisition and analysis, the FPT-H1 is also ideally suited to detailed laboratory testing and extension into other tensile testing. Optional features include an integrated set-down and guide rail system to meet ISO 15359 (friction, paper and board), and a heated plane for ASTM D1894 (plastic films).

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colours. LA6: 4.096 colours indicate in detail any operating condition.


With a bit and a binary mode the new signal tower LA6 can create an almost endless variety of colours and signal patterns and thus enables visualization of a huge array of warning and signal patterns. New patent-pending special lenses provide for an even better visibility.

When working in the bit mode, the LA6 signal tower functions like a conventional stack light, using the typical PATLITE signal colours red, yellow, green, blue and white as blinking or continuous signal lights.

The LED modules are equipped with new patent pending special lenses that provide for even better visibility.


new generation of signal towers: PATLITE introduces the LA6 with over 4.000 different

When working in the binary mode, the signal tower can additionally create more than 4.000 different colours and a huge amount of signal patterns, for example sine curves,


“jumping” across the signal unit or all modules lighting up in the same colour.

Users can program the signal tower with special editing software that can be downloaded for free from the PATLITE website.

The new LA6 signal tower is available with either 3 or 5 light modules. An - also patent- pending – sound module with a water-proof speaker and 11 different alarm types supports the visual signalization with a maximum volume of 85dB (at 1m).

The LA6 can either be ordered with ivory white or silver housing. The LA6 signal tower’s protection is IP65.

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Cable in Motion W

signals, KABELSCHLEPP Metool in Ilkeston,

here moving machine parts need electricity, gas, water, hydraulic, pneumatic or control cable chain systems are used. Derbyshire

provides a complete range of drag chain in a variety of materials, cable and loomed systems: the solution for any dynamic application.

The specification of a cable carrier system is predominantly determined by parameters such as dimensional requirements, accessibility of the compartments, the unsupported travel length and the additional loads to be routed.

To suit the diversity of applications, KSM product

range offers everything from units measuring only a few millimeters, for example for use in small printers, to bespoke chains in multiple link assemblies weighing several tons as used on oil platforms. Cable assemblies and assemblies ready to fit complete the range.

What cable chains are made of

Most common in machine building and automation are cable carriers made of some or other plastic material.

But not any plastic is fit for purpose. Materials used for Kabelschlepp cable chain contain a fair amount of R& D to deliver the properties dynamics require. For special needs there are special material options: AtEx and Ex requirements, high or low temperature applications clean rooms as well as splash proof solutions.


Where catalog dimensions do not suffice and more bespoke sizing is required, so as to compromise between envelope restrictions and cable chain footprint, there are various ranges where modular design offers widths that can be sized in- mm increments.

Heavy duty For most demanding use there is a wide range of

steel drag chains. These are the choice for applications with high mechanical stresses, heavy additional loads or extreme operating conditions. To protect cable and hose, closed (-tube) versions with a cover are also available.


Cable in dynamic automated processes have to withstand high stresses.

Kabelschlepp Metool supplies automation cable for all purposes, tested and rated to millions of cycles and optimized for bending radius and small diameters. Motor,


Complete Systems Design,

a lot of offers customized, u 0115 922 5931 / DESIGNSOLUTIONS Instrumentation,

optics or system cable - a full range to complement the drag chain and deliver a quality assembly.

procurement and or production, logistics and assembly – cable carrier assemblies need

consideration. KABELSCHLEPP application-specific system

solutions, built to specification as solutions ready- to-install.

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Whatever the application - Kabelschlepp Metool

in Ilkeston with its experienced engineers and its competitive products is the contact for cable in motion.

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