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New from SKF is the Motor Encoder Sensor Bearing Unit (SKF MESBU), which integrates the bearing and sensor technology in a single, compact unit. This has been designed to improve the operational performance and precision of electric and hybrid cars, including stop and start function based on starter-alternator devices. The compact MESBU delivers accurate signals for

asynchronous motor control, thanks to magnetic sensor technology in the bearing. The unit delivers incremental encoder-like signal output with a quality and accuracy level certified by SKF, allowing asynchronous electric motor real time speed and direction measurement. The SKF MESBU is part of the company’s ‘BeyondZero’ product and services portfolio which are designed to have a positive influence on the environment and the customers using them. As a key component in electric and hybrid cars, the unit will play a role in reducing carbon emissions and fuel usage, the company explains. The advantage of installing a lighter, smaller electric engine also allows vehicles to run more efficiently.


Developed and manufactured by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the Orkot TXMM and TLMM bearings have been chosen by Maersk for its Triple E class family of container ships. The ‘Triple E’ name is derived from three design principles: ‘Economy of scale, Energy efficient and Environmentally improved’. At 400m long, the ships are able to carry 2,500 more containers than the E class ships they replaced. The synthetic composite bearing materials incorporate solid lubricants to

provide wear resistance, virtually no swell in water and great dimensional stability, the company explains. The bearings are also said to demonstrate unrivalled bearing life and the lowest levels of friction without additional lubrication. With results backed by extensive laboratory tests, the materials are approved by the majority of classification societies. The bearings operate with water or grease lubrication, but can also be operated dry, tolerating edge loading and misalignment, even under high loads. Barry Davies, general manager of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions facility in Rotherham, commented: “We embrace the design principles of Maersk and took on the challenge to deliver the bearings that are fundamental to the success of these ships. The larger the ship, the bigger the size of the rudder and the more demanding it is to develop a bearing to optimize performance. Orkot bearings are proven in thousands of ships to give maintenance free operation over many years.”

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Enter 208

BEARINGS HELP STEEL MANUFACTURER SAVE €46,000 In NSK’s new design the cage flange is

presence of high pressure water and scale debris. NSK’s new seal technology has resulted in a longer service life and improved reliability, as well as higher load capacity over conventional sealed roll neck bearings in this application. The bearings are manufactured from the

As one of the harshest environments in which equipment is expected to perform, components used in the iron and steel industry – such as rolling bearings –need to withstand extreme operating conditions, including high temperature variations, high and low rotational speeds, heavy loading, and exposure to moisture, hard particulates and corrosive contaminants. For one steel manufacturer, however, the

bearings also had to be re-lubricated every day, resulting in high maintenance costs. As a solution, NSK application engineers proposed a bearing design with increased sealing protection as well as improved bearing steel technology. Using the principles of the Added NSK Value Programme – AIP, the engineers were able to demonstrate the additional benefits of the Sealed-Clean range. The four-row, sealed tapered roller bearings

used on the roll necks of rolling mills are required to achieve long life amid severe environmental conditions such as high operating loads, extreme shock loads and the


company’s patented Super-TF bearing steel, which addresses the problem of bearing life in conditions of contaminated or inadequate lubrication. Research found that bearing life can be improved by changing the microstructure of the bearing steel in order to enhance its ability to relax stress concentrations on the edges of indentations. This microstructure, with a high volume of retained austenite and a high hardness, produces a longer life even under conditions where there is an insufficient oil film and surface damage such as peeling can occur. In comparison with

bearings made of ordinary carburized steel, Super-TF types have shown to offer up to 10 times the life with contaminated lubrication and up to twice the life where the lubricant is clean, the company explains. In addition, where the problem is related to insufficient lubrication, the average life of bearings made from Super-TF is still around 5.5 times that of ordinary carburized steel.


included within the seal space of the Extra- Capacity Bearing, allowing for longer rollers. The cage diameter is also increased to facilitate more and larger rollers without reducing cage strength. In performance terms the optimised design raises the basic dynamic load rating capacity of the sealed roll neck bearings by up to 34% when compared to NSK’s conventional roll neck bearings. This equates to as much as 2.7 times longer life, the company explains. Following the introduction of the Sealed-

Clean bearings at the steel mill, the customer saved over €46,000 while reducing the environmental cost of the operation.

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