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many builders of gantry systems. Packed with design features to simplify installation the product is proving to outperform many traditional systems offering the end user exceptional life with minimal maintenance.


Main axis construction beams are made from strength

extruded aluminium sections and

are available in three sizes. The HB25 and HB33 beams are in most cases used as the main X or Y structural members whereas the HB25C functions generally as a Z axis. Any beam can be used for any axis the choice comes down to load and deflection requirements.

Where a rack drive is the preferred choice all V guides have the facility for a rack to be cut directly into the slide ensuring precise positioning in relation to the slide vees. This saves on the need to set a separate rack parallel to the guidance system.

HDS2 can be supplied in component format

Heavy Duty range simplifies gantry design and installation T

he Heavy Duty System HDS2 from HepcoMotion is

fast becoming the default choice for

An XY arrangement with HB25 beams bolted at the ends to form the machine structure

Carriages for XZ systems are a single component with the overall carriage length, position of the bearings and gearboxes designed to suit the application. This flexibility allows the designer to position the components accordingly to make maintenance quick and easy.

XYZ Gantry systems will require two axes to be installed on site in parallel. To make the process easier V groove bearings are used on one axis with flat rollers running on HDS2 flat track on the other. With this set up the need to position each beam parallel to the other is less important as axial compliance is automatically built in.

The bridging Y axis will be rack driven from both

sides. Again potential setting issues are overcome by using the rack cut into the flat track as opposed to fitting another separate rack. In turn a common shaft and coupling will allow the pinions to be coordinated to ensure smooth motion.

REDUCING MAINTENANCE COSTS V groove bearings to be used with V guides are

available in diameters from 64mm to 150mm, so providing selection criteria has been met the system will not fail in service. In many installations V guide systems have proved to be the best choice in high duty,

adverse condition applications

because of the natural wiping action of the bearing running on the slide V.

In a properly sized system with lubricating cap wipers fitted the bearings are the limiting factor and only after thousands of kilometres would it be necessary to effect replacement.

HepcoMotion u 01884 243400 u

enter 800

All bearings used in HDS2 gantry carriages are the removable type and can be dismounted from the carriage without the need to remove the carriage from the end of the axis. This means the whole process is very quick and can be achieved

with minimal down time. Under

lubricated conditions there will be no need to change the slide.

HDS2 is clearly the ultimate low maintenance easy to install system.

HDS2 mounting beams are designed with integrated t-slots enabling easy axis connection and the mounting of additional components

Picture shows a common XZ carriage using HB25for X axis and HB25C for Z and HB25C


X and Y axis showing lubrication canisters in position


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