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New online sealing technology resource center for engineers

New innovative modular connector range from Smiths Connectors


et against the backdrop of this year’s Elektra Awards in London, Smiths Connectors, a world-

leading provider of high- performance interconnect solutions for demanding applications, announced today the launch of its new Transformer Connector Range.

This innovative family of high-density modular connectors provides customers with an enhanced ability to tailor interconnect solutions to the demands and requirements of their individual application environments. One key market that the new products address is

rail applications where extreme pressure is placed on connector technology manufacturers to fulfill critical rail-specific performance challenges of reliability, safety, maintenance and modularity in addition to standard compliance, plus meeting stringent electrical and environmental requirements. Smiths Connectors has responded to these specific challenges with the Transformer Connector Range, a comprehensive series of high density, modular connectors for all on-board power applications within the rail market.

Smiths Connectors u +39 010 60361 u

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new information hub has been launched to showcase best practice in sealing technology in a bid to provide “solutions for tomorrow’s engineering”.


The Knowledge Center by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions aims to bridge the gap between design engineers’ needs and standard technology documentation, bringing useful information together as part of one digital portal.

It is aimed at design engineers working in industries that require advanced sealing technology.

The online tool contains ‘bite size’ information, including technical articles and sealing advice – with the option to download extended articles and white papers. There is also an ‘ask the experts’ section where people can send questions directly to Trelleborg’s technical team.

David Brown, Managing Director for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in the UK, said: “This isn’t about us showcasing our products, far from it, the Knowledge Center is non-promotional; it is a resource tool for engineers working in highly-technical fields related to sealing.

“We have built up a significant amount of knowledge and information and this is a way of sharing it.”

Examples of industry-specific content include an overview of NORSOK standards for engineers working in the oil and gas industry as well as articles, including ‘Matching Elastomer Seals to Biofuel Applications’. An article on ‘Central Tire Inflation Sealing Systems’ is also available for engineers in the automotive industry.

To visit the Knowledge Center, go to Trelleborg Sealing Solutions UK

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he BVM Group has introduced the ASRock iBOX-210, a self-contained small form factor (200 x 135 x 39mm) embedded PC that features very low power consumption, fanless operation and high performance. The iBOX-210 is available with either the E3826, J1900 or N2930 22nm Intel Atom Baytrail System on Chip dual and quad core processors with up to 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz in a single slot. The device supports Linux and Windows 7 and 8 OS. The highly integrated Baytrail SoC provides a powerful computing engine for applications where high resolution display or image capture is required. It supports VGA or HDMI displays up to 1900 x 1220 @ 60 Hz.

The graphics and media engine is based on the Intel Gen7 HD graphic

processor, which supports graphics burst, Open GL ES 3.3 and hardware video codec acceleration of multiple media formats. The rugged construction of the aluminium body gives good protection when the unit is embedded in applications such as mobile computing where shock and vibration are


BVM Ltd u 01489 780144 u


Fanless low power embedded box PC based on Intel Baytrail SoC T

likely to be present. The body also acts as an efficient heatsink when the system is used in less mechanically demanding Point of Sale, automation applications.

kiosk, and

HDD or SSD mass storage can be added in the single 2.5” drive bay. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB3.0 and two USB2.0 ports and two serial ports are provided. Two mini PCIe expansion slot enable additional functionality such as WiFi to be implemented; alternatively, one of the slots can be specified as an mSATA interface providing an alternative storage device. Power is supplied from an external 9 – 36 VDC supply.

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