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TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION ADVERTORIAL State-of-the-art software from Infolytica ABB robot palletising system and H

igh speed palletising combined with versatility and easy transportation means the IRB 6640 IRB 460 are

ideal for RM Group’s mobile

packaging vision Robots from ABB have helped systems integrator RM Group to turn an innovative idea for a mobile packaging system into a working reality. Housed in 45ft articulated trailers, RM Group’s mobile packaging plant uses ABB’s IRB 6640 and IRB 460 robots as part of a system designed to provide customers with a versatile, efficient and easily transportable way of bagging products at source.

Specifically designed for applications involving high capacity production, the IRB 6640 has a payload of up to 235kg, enabling it to handle extremely heavy materials. With no tail swing, the IRB 6640 is ideal for restricted spaces such as small factory floors. Running the second generation of ABB’s TrueMove and QuickMove software, the robot offers greater movement accuracy, with less time needed for programming.

ABB Ltd u 01925 741 111 u

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nfolytica have provided state-of-the-art Electromagnetic simulation software for magnetic, electric, and thermal analyses since 1978. Engineers from a wide range of industries use Infolytica's software to design and analyse applications including electromechanical devices,

I non-destructive

testing, induction heating, and industrial transformers.

Full feature scripting and

parameterisation (including Optimisation) make Infolytica products the flexible

solution for electromagnetic simulation.

MagNet for SOLIDWORKS is an embedded 3D electromagnetic field solver from Infolytica. Instead of using a live-link, or connecting two standalone tools, the simulation of any electromagnetic device can now be performed seamlessly within the integrated SOLIDWORKS environment using this add-in. It is the ideal choice for designers who regularly use SOLIDWORKS, and have a need for electromagnetic analysis.

MagNet is a 2D/3D analysis package, with static and dynamic field modelling of magnetic

fields, plus the effects of general motion. ElecNet is the equivalent package for 2D/3D electric field analysis. Automated coupling to thermal analysis allows the effects of temperature to be included. As well as a built-in circuit simulator, MagNet also co-simulates with 3rd party software including Simulink and PSIM.

MotorSolve is a specialised Design Tool for SRM, brushed and brushless DC, and Induction machines, aimed at designers who require answers quickly and accurately. There is a sizing feature (based on classical methods) to prepare an initial design, and adjustments later made using template data entry with accurate FEM then utilised. The integrated thermal modelling allows temperature effects and cooling strategies to be tested for BLDC and IM machines, all in a single package.

Infolytica u 01327 810383

Slim, low voltage 3.3V display makes big impact M

u enter 805

MS Electronics Ltd has available a versatile line of alphanumeric and graphic displays.

These displays with optional backlights are specially designed for handheld low power applications and operate from a single +3.3V or +5V supply. Choice of four interfaces: 4/8 bit, SPI and I2C (I2C 4x20 only). This system allows displays to be personalised by the mixing various display technologies (positive/negative, blue, green, black) with the backlights (white, blue, amber, yellow/green, red, dual colour Green/Red and full RGB). Simply clip the display and the backlight unit together to create various combinations.

The alphanumeric displays are available in 1x8 (EA DOGM081), 2x16 (EA DOGM162), 3x16 (EA DOGM163) and 4x20 (EA DOGM204). The EA DOGM204 can be used as 2x20, 3x20 or 4x20 in double height character mode. The overall height is only 2mm and 5.8mm including an LED backlight.

MMS Electronics Ltd u 01943 877668 PCB Piezotronics adds

Swiveler®accelerometer to five day delivery programme

P CB Piezotronics has added its 607A11 Swiveler® ICP®

The lower cost Swiveler® is designed to install conveniently into tight spaces with its unique 360° swivel mount and 14mm diameter footprint, ATEX options are available for use in hazardous area applications. Offering the benefit of shear mode construction that minimises base bending and ambient temperature transient effects and a laser-welded hermetically sealed design with stainless steel construction it is ideal for use in dirty, oily and submerged applications. PCB Piezotronics is a world leader in the manufacture of piezoelectric sensors, accelerometers and associated electronics for the measurement of dynamic pressure, force and vibration. PCB Piezotronics offers all customers 24-hour emergency telephone support.

industrial accelerometer to their five day delivery programme. PCB Piezotronics Ltd u 01462 429710 u / DESIGNSOLUTIONS enter 807 u enter 806


supplies safety interlocks to large hydropower project in China


astell will provide multiple sets of FS industrial safety interlocks and key exchange boxes for the large project currently under construction in Xianju, Zhejiang province. These devices prevent the busbar earthing switch from connecting during maintenance on high-voltage switchgear, and so guarantee the safety of maintenance staff. Tian Xinhai, Castell China sales manager, said:

“This is the first time Castell has entered the Chinese hydropower field, which is of landmark significance to Castell’s business in China. While maintaining our leading edge in the fields of nuclear and thermal power, we will use the experience gathered from those fields to provide quality products and services for our Chinese hydropower clients.”

Castell Safety International Ltd u 020 8200 1200 u


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