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Tomorrow’s Products
Nappy happy
The Green-Tex
Multipurpose Antibac cloth is very OGL Computer has developed an automated system
Kennedy’s innovative new BAMBINA nappy bin is
suitable for dry and damp cleaning. It can be used that enables POD documents to be scanned and
now available on the market. The high capacity 50L
for dry dusting and damp cleaning of tiles,
downloaded into its prof.ITplus software, to enable
unit has been designed with the service specialist
bathtubs, counters, silver, brass, car interior, etc.
suppliers fast and secure data storage and retrieval.
in mind and as such hosts a
The cloth has been independently tested by the
Users will receive a high-speed scanning device
number of service friendly
world leading verification company SGS whose
plus software which will control the scanner
features while having a
studies has recognised the superior qualities of the
directly within the prof.ITplus software. Users will
distinctly modern look.
Multipurpose Antibac cloth.
be able to scan the complete delivery document
Firstly the design combines a
SGS tested the cloth for two of the most common
including the barcode and the recipient’s signature
good 50L of maximum waste
bacteria E. coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.
using the scanner, and then the scanned
disposal space with a
Studies show that after the cloth had been used for
documents can be rapidly downloaded into the
surprisingly small foot print
cleaning more than 99% of bacteria were not
prof.ITplus software system.
for minimal floor obstruction. The unit is pedal
present after 24 hours. This means the cloth starts
“The prof.ITplus POD Scanning Module will provide
operated for ultimate hygiene and boasts a built-in
to reduce bacteria immediately on contact and in
suppliers in the cleaning and janitorial industry with
odour control system to make the end user
the same time it keeps the cloth odour free.
a fast, efficient and reliable means of recording
experience more pleasant. What’s more the unit’s
delivery document details. Equally important, the
modesty flap means that waste which has already
The cloth removes 99% of germs and bacteria and
been disposed of is not visible to the end user.
will also remove many other bacteria including
module will provide a very quick and easy way of
Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella typhi and
storing and locating Proof of Delivery Documents in
Service and hygiene are catered for via a removable
Candida albicans and many more. the event of customer queries,” says Simon
hygienic bin which protects the inside of the unit
McGuire, OGL Computer’s Software Sales Manager.
from soiling and can be removed for easy
cleaning. Finally for extra hygiene, germicidal
Proof of delivery
powder sachets and bin liners are available for sale
A new scanner and software package designed to
Autumn fragrance from
with the unit.
increase the speed and efficiency of the storage and
BAMBINA is available in classic white and Kennedy
retrieval of Proof of Delivery (POD) documents has
As the latest addition to
can produce the unit in eye catching bespoke
been launched for OGL Computer’s prof.ITplus
the seasonal range of
colours dependent on the client meeting minimum
business software suite for suppliers in the cleaning
fragrances, the new
volume requirements.
and janitorial industry.
Autumn fragrance from
For more information contact Kennedy at
TimeMist is packed full
of fresh welcoming
scents to bring a feel of
Autumn to washrooms,
Tried and tested Green-Tex
waiting rooms and
Stadsing is happy to present the new Green-Tex
® reception areas.
Multipurpose Antibac cloth made of microfibre, with
Featuring warm, woody
a revolutionary antibacterial Silver fibre. The cloth is
notes enhanced by
made of polyester and polyamide and the Silver
cedarwood and birch,
fibre is interwoven into the cloth. This allows the
the fragrance also
Silver to easily interact with
contains tones of
other particles and
seasonal pomegranate and redcurrant along with
increase their
As cleaning and janitorial industry suppliers send
hints of rich bay leaf and sweet vanilla, creating a
high quantities of orders, often containing multiple fragrance reminiscent of fresh Autumnal air and
items per order, using a manual system to collect, walks through golden leaves.
In addition, the
store and retrieve POD documents is time
special pattern in the
Autumn is the newest addition to the TimeMist
consuming and costly. When a customer raises a
cloth makes sure that it also
query against a delivery and a POD needs to be
seasonal fragrance range, designed to offer
removes almost all bacteria on verified, relocating PODs can be a time-consuming
customers an evolving palette to suit the time
the surface it is exposed to, without process, even more so if the POD document cannot
of year.
using additional chemical cleaning agents. be located or isn’t clearly legible.
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